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“Double Double Toil and Trouble”

It’s a week away from Halloween and the temps are starting to drop.  Fall weather has finally joined us at the Jersey Shore.  Living in Toms River, it is one of  the few places that  we trick or  on October 30th, yes the day before Halloween.  The idea was established so the town could all enjoy the Halloween Parade on the 31st as a family.  I have some great memories of lining up on Main St. early to have a good view with a zip loc bag of sugar filled treats.

When I was a kid (oh my sounding older then my 49 years), we were excited to go out and fill up a pillow case of goodies.  Stopping home to unload your treats, fuel up and go back out for round 2 or 3!  Times they are a changing, society is changing, there is a lot more “Trunk or Treats” for children’s safety and what seems like convenience.  There is something to be said about going out and walking for hours for candy you don’t even like just to say you got more then your friends.  It is a simple way that children have fun and learn their perseverance pays off.

Over the years, there have been less trick or treaters and definitely more cars driving the kids around to get their treats.  Everyone is in a rush, missing out on the simple fun and dare I say exercise.  Our kiddos are grown but we are excited to stroll with our grandson and see his reaction to the costumes and treats.  He is too young to walk and eat the goodies but his mommy has his costume or costumes ready to go!

So don’t be ghoulish, turn on your front light, welcome the little goblins and have fun in seeing the joy in the kids eyes.  I’m thinking of a sign to have for parents who are walking the endless hours and might need a refill in their cup!



Mother of the Bride

Our daughter got engaged in December 2014 right before Christmas, it was a whirlwind.  They were visiting from Texas and with the engagement and Christmas our emotions were on overdrive.  We have all had a few months to enjoy the engagement prior to the wedding planning.

Our first born daughter arrived this past Saturday to visit and plan the wedding!  I know, you all are thinking what is so shocking, she has been engaged for six months.  However, reality met up with fantasy, as I watched our little girl, middle child, first born daughter, slip in and out of wedding dresses!  It was a first for me, I opted for off the rack wedding dress from a high end department store for our wedding.  I had never experienced the full bridal experience, it was delightful, elegant, emotional and pure perfection when she slipped on the dress that was made for her.  Over the moon does not quite capture how I felt when I saw her in her wedding gown.

In the following days with the same ease and grace, we secured the venue and she and her Maid of Honor ( known as Baby Beal) found the ideal bridesmaids dresses.  We are blessed to say each outing was meant with ease and success in a way we could never have anticipated.

She is scheduled to return to the Lone Star State tomorrow and so far that has been the hardest part of her visit, knowing she will leave.  It has been such a wonderful time, sharing in her plans for her future, watching her and her younger sister, as young adults, bond, giggle and appreciate their time together.

This visit has been one of my favorites and reminds me that individual time with each child, no matter their age, is as important as when they were toddlers, teens, young adult to the present.  It is the greatest gift to get one on one time with your children  and then watch them have time together.

The only thing that could make this visit more perfect would have them relocating closer to home!

Where did the time go?  Our little baby girl who was so eager to enter this world, she arrived six weeks early.   She has yet to slow down.

We are excited to experience many more firsts as parents of the bride, and blessed to be included in all the fun, excitement and planning!

What kind of shopper are you?

Everyone seems to be on a schedule with limited time to do the things they want to do. This had me thinking about the ease of on-line shopping. Do you prefer to shop in-line or on-line? I myself prefer on-line shopping for most items. I understand some of you like to see a product, but once you know what you want why be limited to the stores inventory?

The benefits that I love about on-line shopping, price checks, coupons accepted, free delivery, ease of returns, and getting exactly what I want in the size and color. It also allows me to get larger items that I would need my husbands assistance with, which would take away from our weekend time together. Not to mention the lack of customer service when at many stores.

Young parents today who are juggling children, careers and the house if savvy enough can schedule their food delivery, and items they need without giving up precious time with their families. You should make a list just like any other time you go shopping and find the stores and credit cards that reward you as well. It can help you organize, prioritze and refrain from impulse buying (kill that urge with a Pinterest board).

Well I have to go, a delivery just arrived with an outdoor carpet that was not available in my area! Yes it cost less then I could have paid for in the store. Bonus, I didn’t have to break my back to get it to the register and in the car. Now I can roll it out, put my chaise on it and read a book!

Happy Earth Day!

Easter without the Chicks

We survived Easter without any of our children home, our first holiday without any of the kids. No worries we were not alone, we had each other! We started our day with our favorite tradition of Easter, morning mass. We were blessed with a beautiful day so we packed up food, drink and headed out on the boat for a day of true rest and relaxation.

It was the first Easter without any candy in the house, this was definitely a bonus. We also went without coloring eggs, once again more fun with kids. It has been a long time since we have had Easter Egg hunts, eventually they will return when grandchildren arrive. I missed having the family together in their Easter outfits, a spring tradition I always love.

We were happy knowing our children were happy. We are comfortable knowing change will come as the family continues to grow, move and set their footprints in this world.

On that note I might have set an email to them this morning trying to plan Easter 2017!

Becoming an Orphan

When the term “Orphan” is used most people think of babies born without a family, or a home.  Perhaps the commercials come to mind how for a few cents a day you can change a child’s life.

The flip side to that is when you are an adult and you have had to bury your parents.  It is the normal circle of life, for parents who have buried their children I can not fathom the pain.

If you are blessed to still have your parents it is hard to imagine the loss you will feel when they are no longer with you on this Earth.  I have great faith and believe my parents are in Heaven with God the Father.

I’m talking about the loss, when you go to pick up a phone to share a story or just to hear their voice, seeking advice and or comfort.  It is the time when you realize most the value of them in your life.  We all get busy and struggle with the aging of our parents and the toll it takes to care for them.

As we lay to rest another member of our family, it saddens me most for my cousins, for they will now join me and my siblings as adult orphans.

We will celebrate her life, be thankful for our faith and knowing she is at peace.  My prayers will go beyond that they feel the peace in their hearts, days, months and years from now.

My optimistic side now asks if your parents are alive, give them a call, tell them you love them and embrace the crazy they sometimes inflict upon you as an adult.  Remember they raised you and they could probably share some stories that would make you blush for days!


The art of gifting …..

ImageReceiving and giving a gift should bring great joy to both the recipient and the giver.  Over the years the list seems to grow to and the gift purchasing becomes a chore.  What is the age that you stop gifting to a relative, friend, neighbor etc.?  

We had this discussion with friends a few weeks back and it really got to me.  There are times I buy a gift for someone because when I see it all I can see is the recipient just loving it or enjoying that I thought of them for no particular reason.  It is much better then shopping, getting aggravated while trying to spend the appropriate amount of money on people you have but not a clue of what to give.

One of our social circles has decided we see each other all year, have a blast together etc but the gifting is for the kids only.  We have decided for our birthdays we will split the cost of a night out with a limo, dinner, and an event.  Sometimes we skip the gift and decide to give to someone in need of it.  Lord knows there are so many in need right in our own town, state, country, and hospitals.

I think a card on your birthday is a great way of people letting them know you are thinking of them.  A gift is a wonderful gesture as well, but it should not feel as an obligation or an expectation.  We celebrate Christmas and as our family has grown and grown the boundaries have become blurred.  This is why I think help Santa out, spoil your children and spouse, gift the food pantry in your community instead of running crazy to buy gifts that seem unwanted or under appreciated.  

We have gifted over the past years to complete strangers, whose struggle we have learned of and they have no idea who helped them out and to friends that didn’t ask but could use it.  Those are the gifts that make our heart so happy.

So save some green, this year, send a viral video, pick some flowers, and just send wishes.  Most will be thankful you thought of them.  If not you will be thankful you didn’t burst your budget on gifting.  Plus if you have kids, they are always in need of those extra bills lying around in your wallet!

Let me know your thoughts, no presents required!

The Aging of America

We are living longer.  There are many stats to support it, however, if you open your eyes you see it everywhere.  The gym is filled with middle aged to older adults, bars, restaurants etc.  Technology is right on this as our phones and screens are getting larger, target audience being middle age.  This often brings many concerns, have we banked enough, who is going to care for our aging parents and ourselves as we age.

It brings me to my question I often like to ask, “Would you rather lose your mental awareness or your physical ability?”  If you lose your mind it is tough on your family.  If you keep your mental faculties and watch your body deteriorate it is harder on yourself mentally.

The importance of this question is to raise awareness, your planning for your age, to let your spouse and children know what you would want in certain situations.  To ease the guilt for your caregivers should you really need full time care, nursing home etc.

It is not a negative question or meant to be a downer but yet to create animated discussions prior to it becoming a reality.