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What is in a name?

As long as I can remember, the identity of a name has always carried so much weight.  When we are younger and our parents introduced us as their son, or daughter, rank in child order etc.  As we grow up, siblings, friends, best friends, cousins, Aunts, Uncles and GodParents.

You read an article and a name will automatically trigger a feeling or memory.  There are names that remind you of royalty, heritage, bullies, friends, princesses, strength or weakness and on it goes.

I remember the excitement of being a fiancé, a wife, a mom all names that took my breath away.

My better half and I are happy to share that for the first time ever in 2016, we will have the blessing to be called Grandparents.  We are over the moon with excitement at what our grand-peep will decide to call us.

Our oldest daughter is expecting and we look forward to sharing the journey along the way, the blessing she will receive at being a mommy and our role as Grandparents.

Life is Grand!


This Girl at 48

Another year has come to pass and I’m feeling so truly grateful.  I am sitting here in the still of the night smiling, and giving thanks for all of my blessings and my love affair with my husband.  He has the ability to make everyday an extraordinary one!

I have a few wishes this year, may our children love and be loved as we love.  May we have many more sunrises, sunsets, stolen kisses, laughter and adventure in the years ahead.  May we never take each other for granted and always start and end each day with a kiss.

I loved all my birthday presents but my greatest gifts call me mom and wife!

Birth Order & Parents

The stigma of birth order, will have people roll eyes, shutter and just plain say “Oh Yeah my __________ born” is exactly the same.

I’d like to give some inside scoop as we see it in our home and when I say we, I obviously mean me! 😉 We are the proud parents of three babies, 30, soon to be 22 and freshly as of today 19!

Just to mix it up I won’t start with the first born, or the baby, I will begin with the middle child.  When our middle child was born, our first daughter, six weeks early, we were nervous, excited and prayed for her health.  We were all so excited, big brother, who had to give up his throne of “only child” close to 9 years of holding that title was eager to meet his little sister and sibling.  We were all over protective and boasting of the addition to our family.  This little one entered the world six weeks early and was making leaps and bounds as a preemie, passing the expected charts.  It was not soon after hubby and I joked with her attitude, she had middle child syndrome and we may have to try for another.  Perhaps the joking was because once back in babyhood to have another was easier then taking the plunge almost nine years later.

Let me go to the first born, there is nothing like a first born, because you have never been a parent.  You can control infinite possibilities because there is no sibling influence.  There is wonder, confusion, excitement, crying from parents and baby, as well as laughter.  You are not aware of great strides or failures with the first because you are like a duck, smooth on top of water and rapidly kicking underneath.  We pushed him harder, not because we thought he knew it all but because we didn’t know any better.  These are things the children born after the first do not realize.  The first holds a special place in your life because all that unfolds is a first for all of you.  We had almost nine years of thinking we knew it all and thankfully God gave us the good insight to have more children.

Ahh the baby ( I happen to hold that title as well with my siblings), everyone thinks they get away with it all.  Here is a bit of insight, they have seen their siblings try, fail and or succeed at different attempts with sports, school and the parents.  They have learned what works and what won’t and they have the advantage to the parents being a bit more tired ~ thanks to the older siblings.  Most think the baby is spoiled, truth be told we as parents have learned what is truly important to us, our faith and our family at this point so passes may be given.  Our baby decided to enter the world two days past due date, only a big deal when the first was four weeks early and the middle six weeks early, she was making a point ~ watch out mom, dad, and siblings.

We have been blessed over the years with a daughter-in-law, soon to be son-in-law and you know the baby seems to be happy with her significant other.  We love our children, we love who they love, our family is based on faith and love and I would never change a moment in our history or our future as a growing family.

The only guarantee you get in this life is the current moment, so be present, love big, have faith and remember no matter your birth order your parents love you.  If you are truly blessed your extended family will equally love you.

I often tell my children how I wish they were closer to home, truth be told, I love the life they lead, the way they have spread their wings and they know we are always here for them.

Becoming The In-Laws

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we have become, “The In-laws”.  We all know the jokes are endless and to top it off usually the mother-in-law is the worst!

We have been fortunate so far, the families have blended so well and when we can all get together we do so with great energy.  We have done some adult get togethers, with our son and daughter-in-law, the “big kids”.  They have met us on vacation, we have traveled to California to visit them.  We have similar interests and get along easily.  So far it seems we are still fun to be with and they claim to like us, not just love us.

We have kept our boundaries, I’m sure living on opposite coasts has added to that.  I’m sure should they be blessed with children we would be filled with wonderful, knowledgeable input.  I might have mentioned to them how excited I would be to become a grandmother, once or twice. ( you can laugh here, I know my they are)

The best part of becoming in-laws has been the gift we get seeing these newlyweds together.  The love that radiates around them, the smile on our son’s face and the twinkle in his eye anytime his bride walks in to a room, lets us know he found his perfect partner.

Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness, dreams that are fulfilled, and eventually a residence closer to their parents!  I can make comments like that because after all I am the “mother-in-law”.


Happiness, it’s as simple as the state of being happy. However, happiness has a look, touch, feel to each individual. You can choose to be happy for a friend who is overjoyed and think that would not be for me. You can feel happiness at the sight of a person, nature or just have that warm feeling over take you when you count your blessings.

May you find happiness within yourself when you wake, watching a sunrise, a kiss from your spouse, call from your kids, smelling the ocean, watching the sunset, seeing children at play, a beautiful garden, the clouds, mountain view, through music ~ in other words keep your eyes and heart open!

So today is Friday the 13th, instead of fear, worry or superstitions I hope you find happiness.

A Panda I am Not

I have always loved the image of the panda bear, but last month at the San Diego Zoo I had the pleasure of learning more about them.

I am thankful I am not a Panda mom. They kick their kids out of the nest on average when they are 18 months! I could not imagine missing out on all that cuddling time. They are loners and prefer thousands of miles of separation. Lets face it if you are a parent you have dreamed of using the bathroom by yourself or enjoying that morning cup of coffee in silence, but that is isolation!

This week as I watched the news and all the sad events in the world it confirmed my joy of not being a Panda. I enjoyed the craziness of babyhood, the snuggles, the struggles and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. It is true I believed in letting my children remain children as long as possible. I did not believe in them seeing the world as it is but instead to let their dreams grow. Letting them dream of what the world might hold for them and the changes they could make in it. I spoiled them with extra hugs, kisses, less chores and more play.

I truly believe in arming our kids with love, knowledge and letting them know they are perfect in our eyes, not necessarily in the eyes of everyone else. I believe the home should be a place of comfort, trust, love and support. We all grow up and having a base of love, support, faith, trust are great tools to share in this crazy world we live in.

I am thankful they are out in the world making their mark. I love the phone calls, texts, face-time and phone calls to learn all about what is going on their world.

As I sit here enjoying my coffee on this quiet Sunday morning enjoying the empty nest, I feel a bit like the momma panda…..the difference being I know soon my cubs will be checking in.

(ironically before I could finish this post or my coffee the phone is ringing)

Love Affair

Recently Stand Up To Cancer has been running a Valentine Campaign, to #KissCancerGoodbye. It is a simple task, post a photo of a kiss use, the hashtag and share it.

This has been great fun for me, for those of you who know me, know I love kissing photos with my love. We have photos from many places and countries sharing a kiss. Our kids used to tease us, but, I think as they are young adults they have come to appreciate our love affair.

We have always been excited to spend our time together from the beginning of dating until now, just shy of 24 years of marriage. My heart beats faster at the site of my husband, my smile broadens when he touches me, and my eyes drink up his love with a kiss from him.

Our love affair has grown over the years and we take pride in nurturing it and it has blossomed over the years. I’m thankful that my husband is my best friend, that just being in each others company is enough for us. I love the adventures we take and the memories we make.

This weekend we will take on NYC and I can promise their will be kissing photos! The campaign has given me an excuse to look back over the years and smile at all of them, but it is our love that will keep those kisses keep on keeping on!