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“Double Double Toil and Trouble”

It’s a week away from Halloween and the temps are starting to drop.  Fall weather has finally joined us at the Jersey Shore.  Living in Toms River, it is one of  the few places that  we trick or  on October 30th, yes the day before Halloween.  The idea was established so the town could all enjoy the Halloween Parade on the 31st as a family.  I have some great memories of lining up on Main St. early to have a good view with a zip loc bag of sugar filled treats.

When I was a kid (oh my sounding older then my 49 years), we were excited to go out and fill up a pillow case of goodies.  Stopping home to unload your treats, fuel up and go back out for round 2 or 3!  Times they are a changing, society is changing, there is a lot more “Trunk or Treats” for children’s safety and what seems like convenience.  There is something to be said about going out and walking for hours for candy you don’t even like just to say you got more then your friends.  It is a simple way that children have fun and learn their perseverance pays off.

Over the years, there have been less trick or treaters and definitely more cars driving the kids around to get their treats.  Everyone is in a rush, missing out on the simple fun and dare I say exercise.  Our kiddos are grown but we are excited to stroll with our grandson and see his reaction to the costumes and treats.  He is too young to walk and eat the goodies but his mommy has his costume or costumes ready to go!

So don’t be ghoulish, turn on your front light, welcome the little goblins and have fun in seeing the joy in the kids eyes.  I’m thinking of a sign to have for parents who are walking the endless hours and might need a refill in their cup!



Who Has the Last Laugh

Lately, I have been laughing at myself, a lot.  I laugh that I can not leave the house with out making my bed, making sure the kitchen is clean and laundry is in order.  It makes me think back to when I was a kid and just wanted to jump out of bed and run out to play.  My mother would yell, did you make your bed?, brush your teeth, put away your laundry?, ….. the litany of questions would just fly out of her mouth as fast as saying hello.

Also, how my father would yell that nothing in the refrigerator has changed since the last time we opened it, two minutes ago.  When I was first married I would call my Dad to say hi and let him know I was opening and closing the fridge for no apparent reason.  Now we have a refrigerator that has a buzzer when opened to long, it makes me CRAZY!

There are many voices in my head, easy there peeps, mostly my parents and lessons taught early on.  It is not a bad thing but some of them I may have become obsessive, like when our carbon monoxide detector went off and we had the family safely on the deck and I went back in to make the bed before the firemen came.

My mom once told me she didn’t believe that when you were in Heaven that you could see everyone on earth.  She believed it would bring heavy hearts to the Angels.  This made sense to me, but I do believe there is a “Humor Window” that now and again the Angels peak down and laugh at us.

So as your kids make you crazy, no worries, our voices will remain with them longer after we no longer walk the earth!


Becoming The In-Laws

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we have become, “The In-laws”.  We all know the jokes are endless and to top it off usually the mother-in-law is the worst!

We have been fortunate so far, the families have blended so well and when we can all get together we do so with great energy.  We have done some adult get togethers, with our son and daughter-in-law, the “big kids”.  They have met us on vacation, we have traveled to California to visit them.  We have similar interests and get along easily.  So far it seems we are still fun to be with and they claim to like us, not just love us.

We have kept our boundaries, I’m sure living on opposite coasts has added to that.  I’m sure should they be blessed with children we would be filled with wonderful, knowledgeable input.  I might have mentioned to them how excited I would be to become a grandmother, once or twice. ( you can laugh here, I know my they are)

The best part of becoming in-laws has been the gift we get seeing these newlyweds together.  The love that radiates around them, the smile on our son’s face and the twinkle in his eye anytime his bride walks in to a room, lets us know he found his perfect partner.

Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness, dreams that are fulfilled, and eventually a residence closer to their parents!  I can make comments like that because after all I am the “mother-in-law”.

Logging off and Plugging In

I have been trying lately to log off from all my favorite electronics and plug in to living in the moment. This is not to say I have gone cold turkey and I’m not browsing my favorite sites or posting here and there, just changing my habits ever so slightly.

I might have Apple to thank for a bit of this. I recently purchased the iphone6+, it’s big, like a mini iPad. I love it, but the convenience of having it at my finger tips all the time is a bit inconvenient. What a gift! I have been walking without my earphones, leaving my phone at home, listening to nature, head up and eyes straight ahead. There are times I need the music to get me through a workout but being in tune with my thoughts has been beneficial.

I have come to realize when I am bored, I log on, search, post, retweet etc., but for the most part I am not missing the #socialmedia craze. I have been less active on line and much more active in life. The busier I am, the more connected I am to my daily passions and the less desire I have to post. This has led to less blogging. My mind has had so many thoughts I have not been able to focus on the blog so I thought I would start with this explanation.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and while I will be busy taking photos and capturing memories, my goal is not to post immediately, but to enjoy the moment and make an album at a quiet time. A time where I can reflect, enjoy the moments captured and memories being made, decide what is truly worth sharing with the world and what is worth keeping private.

I hope all of you can enjoy the moment, log off and plug in as well!

My Birthday is on the horizon

My birthday month begins at midnight tonight!  I’m not embarrassed of my age, soon to be 47.  I don’t feel any age in particular.  I do have many fond memories of living that has gotten me to this point.  I embrace the good and the bad because without the perfect blend, I would not be me.

I celebrate the month in the sense of self celebration.  My plan is to each day do something for me, with me.  It seems easy, all my kids are grown, but I am a creature of doing for others.  I will not be self serving only, but I  will allow and encourage myself to celebrate the woman I am.

Today as I was enjoying the facilities at our health club, I was admiring the strong older woman.  The women who make my smile so broad, with their walkers, swim suits, sagging bodies, gray hair,  but more knowledge of life and filled with more laughter then most 40 year olds I know.  It made me think of how I love their pride, their age, somewhat failing bodies, their chatter makes me blush at times but mostly giggle.   As I did my hair and looked at the mirror the admiration I felt for strangers reminded me to be kinder to myself.

No worries, I’m not getting to sentimental, or so reflective that I am losing my sense of humor.  Let’s all gather round and be positive (a prayer would not hurt) that my glass remain at least HALF FULL!!! After all my friends it is birthday month.


Small steps for man kind One Giant step for me!

So I love adventure, but prefer it with my husband or my kids. I’m not one to set out in to the world alone to often. This week as life would have it, my Aunt has passed away and my husband has been on the road with business, so it left me to be to represent the family for her viewing.

Yesterday, I set out to drive to PA and stay in a hotel overnight as not to be late for todays viewing as well as not to be on the road for 5+ hours of driving in one day.

I booked the hotel, yes all by myself and checked in. The drive was long but uneventful, thankfully. I checked in, then my inner kid came out and jumped up and down on the bed (sorry Courtyard Marriott). I spent some time unpacking and then did a really big thing …… for me. I went down to the bar ordered some dinner, had a glass of wine, watched the pre-game kickoff of NFL season and engaged in light conversation! I did not use the comfort of my smart phone to engage in social media to make me look busy. I interacted, chatted and had a pleasant evening.

This morning, inspired by my husband who runs everywhere we travel, I laced up my kicks and took to the local roads. I didn’t go far, but my target heart-rate was beating by getting out of my comfort zone. It made me once again admire my Aunt who has been widowed for many years and having had accomplished so much in this world setting forth alone. It seems a fitting tribute that I made this journey by myself.

Let us get one thing straight, I am not about to pump gas! I overcame a lot on this trip and have enough gas in the tank to get me across state lines because we all know Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas!

Becoming an Orphan

When the term “Orphan” is used most people think of babies born without a family, or a home.  Perhaps the commercials come to mind how for a few cents a day you can change a child’s life.

The flip side to that is when you are an adult and you have had to bury your parents.  It is the normal circle of life, for parents who have buried their children I can not fathom the pain.

If you are blessed to still have your parents it is hard to imagine the loss you will feel when they are no longer with you on this Earth.  I have great faith and believe my parents are in Heaven with God the Father.

I’m talking about the loss, when you go to pick up a phone to share a story or just to hear their voice, seeking advice and or comfort.  It is the time when you realize most the value of them in your life.  We all get busy and struggle with the aging of our parents and the toll it takes to care for them.

As we lay to rest another member of our family, it saddens me most for my cousins, for they will now join me and my siblings as adult orphans.

We will celebrate her life, be thankful for our faith and knowing she is at peace.  My prayers will go beyond that they feel the peace in their hearts, days, months and years from now.

My optimistic side now asks if your parents are alive, give them a call, tell them you love them and embrace the crazy they sometimes inflict upon you as an adult.  Remember they raised you and they could probably share some stories that would make you blush for days!