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“Double Double Toil and Trouble”

It’s a week away from Halloween and the temps are starting to drop.  Fall weather has finally joined us at the Jersey Shore.  Living in Toms River, it is one of  the few places that  we trick or  on October 30th, yes the day before Halloween.  The idea was established so the town could all enjoy the Halloween Parade on the 31st as a family.  I have some great memories of lining up on Main St. early to have a good view with a zip loc bag of sugar filled treats.

When I was a kid (oh my sounding older then my 49 years), we were excited to go out and fill up a pillow case of goodies.  Stopping home to unload your treats, fuel up and go back out for round 2 or 3!  Times they are a changing, society is changing, there is a lot more “Trunk or Treats” for children’s safety and what seems like convenience.  There is something to be said about going out and walking for hours for candy you don’t even like just to say you got more then your friends.  It is a simple way that children have fun and learn their perseverance pays off.

Over the years, there have been less trick or treaters and definitely more cars driving the kids around to get their treats.  Everyone is in a rush, missing out on the simple fun and dare I say exercise.  Our kiddos are grown but we are excited to stroll with our grandson and see his reaction to the costumes and treats.  He is too young to walk and eat the goodies but his mommy has his costume or costumes ready to go!

So don’t be ghoulish, turn on your front light, welcome the little goblins and have fun in seeing the joy in the kids eyes.  I’m thinking of a sign to have for parents who are walking the endless hours and might need a refill in their cup!



Girlfriend Power

The power of a “girl friend” for a woman is one I have often under appreciated.  I am always so eager to be with my hubby, I some times over look and neglect my girlfriends.  It sounds silly, but I am enamored with my spouse, going on 25 years in the institution of marriage his is the face and arms I race to.

This week I have a long time friend visiting, to call her an old friend seems rude, but a best friend for sure.  She reminds me of the importance of girl time, investing in another woman, lifting each other up and sheer laughter.  We immediately begin where we left off, reminisce, and share dreams etc., for ourselves and our families.

To all the ladies out there that maintain these relationships, God Bless!  We fall to the wayside at times but nobody can take what we have, the value or the meaning.

I’m thankful for a hubby that wants my friends visiting, loves the sound of our laughter and knows he will benefit form our time together!

Life Is Great!

My Realistic Resolutions

Hello 2015, I welcome you with an abundance of joy and anticipation of what is to come. I am not a big fan of setting one’s self up for failure, which many resolutions happen to do. Instead I have created a realistic list that I look forward to keeping.

These are in no particular order:

1) Start my day with giving thanks to waking up and before I get out of bed remind myself of one thing that I happen to like/love about myself.

2) Allow myself two days a week without guilt of no scheduled workout, not to say fitness won’t occur but if it does it will be a bonus, if it does not my body will enjoy a rest day.

3) I promise to challenge myself at least once a month with various things that are uncomfortable for me or new to me, because I am a creature of habit, schedule and control.

4) To read a minimum of one novel a month.

5) Less time on social media and more time socially with those whose company I really enjoy

6) To visit my children at least twice each this year at their homes in CA and TX

7) I will let go of all bad energy and those that create it.

8) To take a trip once a month, it can be as simple as overnight or the next town but get out of dodge and schedules.

9) To go through photos and start to scan them for my children so they have them on digital files.

10) To enjoy the process of planning for our daughters wedding and allowing her wishes to be front and center and not allow anyone else to cause stress in the process or her day.

That’s a wrap, it’s a small step but tonight we are going to the movie theatre, it has been years so thanks #3!

Logging off and Plugging In

I have been trying lately to log off from all my favorite electronics and plug in to living in the moment. This is not to say I have gone cold turkey and I’m not browsing my favorite sites or posting here and there, just changing my habits ever so slightly.

I might have Apple to thank for a bit of this. I recently purchased the iphone6+, it’s big, like a mini iPad. I love it, but the convenience of having it at my finger tips all the time is a bit inconvenient. What a gift! I have been walking without my earphones, leaving my phone at home, listening to nature, head up and eyes straight ahead. There are times I need the music to get me through a workout but being in tune with my thoughts has been beneficial.

I have come to realize when I am bored, I log on, search, post, retweet etc., but for the most part I am not missing the #socialmedia craze. I have been less active on line and much more active in life. The busier I am, the more connected I am to my daily passions and the less desire I have to post. This has led to less blogging. My mind has had so many thoughts I have not been able to focus on the blog so I thought I would start with this explanation.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and while I will be busy taking photos and capturing memories, my goal is not to post immediately, but to enjoy the moment and make an album at a quiet time. A time where I can reflect, enjoy the moments captured and memories being made, decide what is truly worth sharing with the world and what is worth keeping private.

I hope all of you can enjoy the moment, log off and plug in as well!

Unconditional Love

Unconditional love, most of us think of our love for a child, or perhaps how a pet loves you.  This past week or so I have been brain bogged to blog.  I have been thinking about what has been most prevalent in my life, on my mind and true to my heart.

As we have been enjoying the whirl wind of the empty nest and spending more time together it came to me, I have been overwhelmed lately at the unconditional love I have for my husband and he for me.  Having just two of us in the house you truly realize all the little things you do for the other just to make their day easier, brighter or to make them smile.

It is a love we have kept front and center in our lives.   When overwhelmed with life and all that it has thrown at us, it is at those moments in time, a hug, a kiss, saying I love you or an embrace has kept the connection so strong.

We are human, we like to have our individual time but we are blessed to have grown together.  We are fortunate to be on the same page on most decisions in life, big and small.  I am thankful he is my best friend.

Keep the romance alive daily, kisses are free, holding hands brings about excitement, love notes warm a heart, enjoy it all.  Dance in the rain, enjoy the sunrises and sunsets and changing a toilet paper roll or soap in the shower can be an aphrodisiac! 😉IMG_6629