Out of Sight ~ never out of mind

A parents job is life long, never ends, no time off and if we are lucky we will enjoy a legacy of of generations to follow.  That being said, I have had a few days in Texas with the middle child, all has been fun, busy and exciting. Today she went to work and I awaited for washer/dryer delivery.  The moment she left, I realized I didn’t know where she was going, her employers name, number and my heart began to race.  She thought she would be there for 45 minutes, well four hours later she phoned to say she was ok and the day went well.  I’m not going to lie, heart palpation’s were in full effect.  After her call, I realized we always wonder, worry and look forward to hear from our oldest, he has been out of the nest for a while now.  The difference is we await with anticipation, say prayers on his behalf, but not being under our roof the worry is different.  It is with a tearful smile I do realize my time here was well spent and it is time to go home.  After all, we have one little bird in the nest who needs looking after.  

The gold lining here is, our kids are a gift we cherish, the blessing along the way is we nurtured our marriage, friendship and love along the way.  I can’t wait to get home to my place along side my love, spouse and best friend in the world. 


Job well done

Today was a great look in to the crystal ball of life, the one you dream about when your child is born.  Today I flew from NJ to Texas for my first visit to see where our daughter has decided to call home.  As the plane landed I text her to confirm all was good, she was swamped, POD delivery, verizon set up, upackers etc… ( song in my head: “Cat’s In The Cradle”)  I called as we were close she ran out to meet me, explained all going on and gave me the tour.  She had already accomplished so much and had her lists and was completely at ease in her role as a young woman on her own.  

I know I have been focusing on our middle child, but really for all you out there you have heard about middle child syndrome! lol only kidding ~ just at this point in this week she has put the earth on its axis!

I’m not saying my kids are perfect, but we have given them the gift to see the glass half full.  The comfort to stumble, fall, get up and try again, to know we always have their back and best interest.  When I get back to NJ I plan on raising a glass with my better half and saying so far so good, our job well done!

Afternoon Delight

Well now that I have your attention, let me share.  I love Mondays, the organization, structure and all things positive moving forward.  My first delight was I worked out mid day only to share a few stolen moments with the love of my life!  Yes, he never ceases to amaze me and just being in the gym together warmed my heart.  Should we have any newlyweds reading this, it is important to enjoy the “free” things in life, sunrise, sunsets, time together, kisses, holding hands etc…  Later in the day, the tears and worries that just a few days ago seemed so heavy burst into a kaleidoscope of promise!  Meghan called us from her new home in Texas, over the moon.   She was elated with her place, her new town and already off conquering  what needs to be done before she beings work.  When we started this marriage we vowed our love and promise of the future and what a blessing it is to have three children to carry on to the next generation.  Hey Mark, next afternoon rendezvous I won’t blog about ~ after all we are empty nesters in training! 

Smart Phones ~ replacement of the umbilical cord

Last night with tired eyes from a tearful goodbye, I snuggled on the couch with my better half.  We were enjoying  NFL Wild Card games, wine and I had my cell close by awaiting any word from our girl who flew the coop.  We headed off to bed, we being the operative word, the two of us and my cell phone.  I had been tweeting out to the universe wishing her well and anxiously awaiting any update.  It was when I was brushing my teeth that I started to laugh realizing the technology of smart phones has replaced the umbilical cord.  Thankfully no matter where our children are, we can check in with a quick text, phone call, face time, snap chat, tweet, to stay in touch.  My text from Tennessee this morning was a delight!  

As The Kids Leave

2014 holds much excitement and many changes for our family. Our oldest is going to get married, our middle child at age 20 just graduated college and flew the coop from NJ to Texas today, in a few months the youngest graduates HS and off to PA in the Fall. We have decided to take our “training” seriously, more vacations, candle light dinners and putting the focus on the marriage. This does not mean I didn’t cry like a baby when our girl pulled out of the driveway today for her 1334 mile drive to her new home. We look forward to the adventures for our children and ourselves and I look forward to sharing the journey hope you join me via the web. Buckle up it’s going to be a wild ride!