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Hindsight is Power

Hindsight they say is 20/20.  I have never been able to figure who out who “they” are but they are often correct.

Spring is upon us, which always puts a pep in our step and gets the cobwebs off the to do list.

It is hard to believe this week we are preparing the house/yard for our daughter to host our grandsons first birthday.  That being said, the trick is in the balance of enjoying it all a long the way.

When we were younger and preparing for a big party the preparations would have us exhausted come party day.  This is the beauty of hindsight, here are a few things we learned a long the way:

Prepare what you can in advance.

Make a list, cross off and add on as you go, somethings might not get done and usually won’t make a difference.

That scuff on the wall, don’t worry, hire the painter post party there will be many more!

If you don’t want it broken, don’t have it out…

Clean the house but don’t freak yourself out, you will need to really clean when everyone is gone.

A causal party will have people coming and going, use the round off number for food and drink.

If you want something done at a certain time, it’s easier now with smart phones, set the alarm on your phone so time doesn’t slip away.

If someone offers to help and you can count on them, take them up on their offer.  (this is a tricky one took me almost 50 years)

If it is in your budget and depending on the party, hire a couple of people to clean up trash in the height of the party.  We started catering, cleaning people and bartenders later on for parties and this really allowed us to enjoy our guests.

If your friends are the guests they already know you, you don’t have to impress them.  They just want to share in your joy and fun.  Take the time to socialize, the mess will be there when they leave.

That being said, I have a list to conquer because those lists don’t conquer themselves!

I*t’s been a while since I’ve sat to write not the case of writers block but writer be busy.


“Double Double Toil and Trouble”

It’s a week away from Halloween and the temps are starting to drop.  Fall weather has finally joined us at the Jersey Shore.  Living in Toms River, it is one of  the few places that  we trick or  on October 30th, yes the day before Halloween.  The idea was established so the town could all enjoy the Halloween Parade on the 31st as a family.  I have some great memories of lining up on Main St. early to have a good view with a zip loc bag of sugar filled treats.

When I was a kid (oh my sounding older then my 49 years), we were excited to go out and fill up a pillow case of goodies.  Stopping home to unload your treats, fuel up and go back out for round 2 or 3!  Times they are a changing, society is changing, there is a lot more “Trunk or Treats” for children’s safety and what seems like convenience.  There is something to be said about going out and walking for hours for candy you don’t even like just to say you got more then your friends.  It is a simple way that children have fun and learn their perseverance pays off.

Over the years, there have been less trick or treaters and definitely more cars driving the kids around to get their treats.  Everyone is in a rush, missing out on the simple fun and dare I say exercise.  Our kiddos are grown but we are excited to stroll with our grandson and see his reaction to the costumes and treats.  He is too young to walk and eat the goodies but his mommy has his costume or costumes ready to go!

So don’t be ghoulish, turn on your front light, welcome the little goblins and have fun in seeing the joy in the kids eyes.  I’m thinking of a sign to have for parents who are walking the endless hours and might need a refill in their cup!


Common Cents

I often think what a waste coins are, they fill our wallets, bottom of our purses, briefcases, cars, they end up everywhere.  However, if you use your coins with a common knowledge of saving, they can add up.

Everyone has an event that they are saving for and you would be surprised how fast coins can add up.  Throughout the years we have saved our coins and cashed them at times to pay for uniforms, boardwalk money, vacation money etc.  I’m always so amazed at the dollars amount cashed in.

Recently we have been putting change in our grandsons piggy bank, his mom took it to the bank and it had $88.00.  That is a nice deposit and small change went a long way.  When it comes to saving money, people often say well I could only put a dollar here or there, don’t be shy or embarrassed of small savings.  A little here and there will go a long way.

It’s a great tool to teach children and grown kids, saving money is hard, the first step may is often the hardest.  We all save for the expected things in life, birthdays, holidays, cars but it is often the unexpected that can have you in a panic.

So gather your loose change and see where it gets you.   May you be greatly surprised at the end of the month or year!  We hope our loose change will one day pay for our grandsons first car.

How fun would it be to say I purchased my first car with some loose change!

Funny, Not Funny

Let me start with the simple facts, We make plans and God laughs.  That being said is funny, but not funny. If you can’t laugh out loud and at yourself, about your life, well it is going to be a bumpy ride.

I’ve been quiet for a few months, more because my mother once taught me this lesson, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

So I shall use humor to sum up the what, that is foremost on the list of funny, not funny.

If you go back to the start of it all, we were babies raising babies.   Then just a blink or two ago we were an almost empty nest …… we were not sad, but excited, for what life had in store for us! …. (at this point go back and grimace with my opening line).

Not to long ago, we had to put down our chocolate lab, Hershey, it was heartbreaking, we agreed no more dogs, he was the best.  Here comes a dash of humor, now we harbor two small pups, each belonging to one of our daughters, funny, not funny.  Life carries on.

How did we obtain two pups??? Oh the story would have you in stitches, humor prevails here on Edith Ct.!

So our almost ,so close to empty nest, yes the one with the two pups.  We now await a grandson at any moment!  It is hard to make jokes about this, but those pups got in to the action and have been having a blast with all items #BabyLuke.

Hard to believe, April Fools Day has come and gone, our Presidential candidates are still the same, Funny Not Funny. So NOT FUNNY!

Having an amazing husband who entertains all my passions, joins the #USTA mixed doubles league, only to pull a groin muscle a few weeks prior to ending the season, just not so funny. He is the best sport, in life, work and love.  Not so funny that he who he is so disciplined in his fitness has to undergo injury.

Fabulous  to think for a house of adults, we are to blessed with a little boy, a grandson who will educate us all on FUN!

If you are feeling down, go bump your Funny Bone, yeah I know it’s  funny, NOT, so funny.

Through My Mothers Eyes

Life is funny, if you have a sense of humor.  When you are little you don’t want to rest or nap, as you age you would give anything to have the time to do so.

As you grow up, you respect the older generation.  When you are younger you especially  have no time for your parents, their input, or at least you pretend not to.  The time comes when all you want is their input and sometimes they are no longer present, physically but always spiritually.

When I was younger I dreamed of the life and family I wanted and prayed for it.  One day I was blessed enough to have those dreams come true.  I would always ask my mother’s opinion on various aspects of marriage, parenthood, house decor etc…  Once she gave her opinion even if I agreed 100%, sometimes I would do the complete opposite.

She would smile and know that I needed to follow my path to be the best me.  Ironically that path always led back to her first input.  Life is funny like that.

When we were younger my siblings and I would tease her on how easily she would tear up, or get upset on holidays.  Now that I’m a mom of three adult children I completely understand her.  I thought I knew her then, oh but mommy I get you more day by day.

I understand now, her want for a picture perfect holiday with her family, because it makes you immortal.  These photos consist of pain, tears and finally the smiles that Dad says you must wear to please your mother.  She will complain about how she looks but deep down, she loves that her babies are together, with her.  The best gift, the presence of those she loves.

This coming year has me reflecting more and more on my parents and ever so grateful for their grace and love.  If I can be half of who they were to me and my children I will consider myself doubly blessed.

The greatest gift she taught me is unconditional love!  I pray to be half the grandmother she was to her grandchildren and promise to spread her legacy to my grandchildren.

Happy New Year, embrace 2016!





Memories in a Watermelon

This morning I was cutting a watermelon and the image of my father cutting one up for my son as a toddler came flooding across my mind.  He was making sure all seeds were removed from every piece and they were not to big and not too small. This made me smile.  He wanted him to enjoy and savor the taste without choking, perhaps this little advice is great for our lives daily.

Fathers Day is this coming Sunday, June 21st, the last time I celebrated Fathers Day with my Dad was June 16 1991.  I miss him everyday.  He was a strong presence in my life, you felt his energy when he entered any room.  Yesterday I was thinking we should celebrate Daddy’s Day.  It sounds silly but many men can be Father’s not all become Dad’s or Daddy as I prefer.

Dads are the super heroes dreams are made up of.  They can be strong and silent, or loud and silly, but somehow Dad’s just know stuff.  They provide for their family (even in homes with two incomes), they feel pride in knowing they put clothing on their children’s back, help them ride a bike, do homework with them, whatever the task.  Before the age of Google, when I would ask my dad for help, he always had an answer, even if it was as simple as I am not sure but I will find out.

Dad’s have the ability to stop whatever they are doing and give their children their full attention in a different manner then a mom.  Most of my fondest memories are when I was just doing stuff with my Dad, the simple tasks in life, him telling me he loved me and was proud of me.  If you have been blessed to have a Daddy in your life you know what I mean.  I’m thankful my husband is a Daddy to our children and not just a father.

*Another Watermelon memory is that of our middle child as a toddler having eat so much of it at a buffet in Florida, (seeds included) and jumping in to the pool and proceeding to throw up watermelon everywhere!  hmmmm maybe it was the seeds 😉