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I am a cooking enthusiast, Tennis is my current sport, I am training to complete a 1/2 marathon in April, enjoy reading, love to travel and do my best to enjoy every day to the fullest!

Me, Myself and I

I’m not sure if I have ever experienced a time to myself, by myself with myself.  This past weekend I experienced 90 minutes floating in a pod.  The environment is stress free, sensory free, just yourself, your heartbeat and where ever your mind takes you while you float. You are in a tank or a pod with approximately 10 inches of water, that is ten times denser the Black Sea.  The total relaxation feel is associated to that of an astronaut in space, no gravitational pull on your body at all.

I had done a lot of reading up on the benefits and what to expect.  My only question was would I be able to let go, of everything?  Would I be able to focus on something specific?  Our tour to The Float Studio was from Michael and he gave some great tips, including ear plugs,

how your body might feel as if it is tipping at first, but you are not.  He was very excited to share how he meditates, this is an area I’m a huge failure in.  Once I start to meditate, I immediate give in to all that I have to do next.

I’m elated to share without stress on the body, no lighting, no noise, no social media, just me, myself and I, I readily relaxed and fell asleep, waking 85 minutes into my session.  I did spend the last five minutes floating like a kid, swaying from side to side and giggling at how relaxed I was.  My mind would not allow me to focus on anything but the present.

We were deciding the best time of day to go, lucky for us Mother Nature gave us a cloudy Saturday.  So we had a noon appointment, afterward we were relaxed as well as energized.  If you are looking for a getaway and don’t have time for a vacation, flight, etc., this might be the perfect escape.

Who knew 48 years in,  I really liked time with myself and enjoyed my own company!


Sounds Like Life To Me

“Sounds like life to me plain old destiny
Yeah the only thing for certain is uncertainty
You gotta hold on tight just enjoy the ride
Get used to all this unpredictability
Sounds like life” Darryl Worley

Greetings from the not so empty nest!  The house is full and the schedules are busy, but as Darryl Worley captured it in a song, it’s life and we are loving it.

We are learning a lot about grand-parenting the balance between spoiling, indulging and respecting Mommy’s wishes.  In a multi-generation home I think you have to have all these factors.

Life is busy, crazy but don’t let the fun slip by or little miracles go unnoticed it is all part of this great journey called life.  I want to leave a legacy that makes people laugh at all that I gave and did.

It’s Saturday so put on your little kid goggles and go out and play like you did when you didn’t have a care in the world!


And Grandbaby makes …

April 12th our lives forever changed, we became grandparents.  Let me start with our daughter and grandson are healthy and thriving.   Our almost empty nest is bustling.  We are adjusting and embracing life’s changes as we always do. We had heard all about the love  of a grandchild, well rumors hold true. Nine point seven pounds of pure joy and love immediately filled our hearts the day he was born. 

When our daughter moved home in her third trimester our friends asked how we would adjust.  We were not worried, but just as we adjusted to the almost empty nest we opened our arms and hearts to the fullest nest. 

My heart was blessed to be in the delivery room with our daughter – a gift I can never repay and may never in my life experience again. My life transformed as my little girl turned angelic in a c-section delivering our first grandchild – Luke Austin. I’ve never been prouder, more in love or awe as I was that day.

So as Mothers Day approaches my selfish side wants to indulge in me, my maternal side wants to deliver my first time mom girl the best Mother’s Day ever!

Don’t Worry Stay Happy  

Funny, Not Funny

Let me start with the simple facts, We make plans and God laughs.  That being said is funny, but not funny. If you can’t laugh out loud and at yourself, about your life, well it is going to be a bumpy ride.

I’ve been quiet for a few months, more because my mother once taught me this lesson, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

So I shall use humor to sum up the what, that is foremost on the list of funny, not funny.

If you go back to the start of it all, we were babies raising babies.   Then just a blink or two ago we were an almost empty nest …… we were not sad, but excited, for what life had in store for us! …. (at this point go back and grimace with my opening line).

Not to long ago, we had to put down our chocolate lab, Hershey, it was heartbreaking, we agreed no more dogs, he was the best.  Here comes a dash of humor, now we harbor two small pups, each belonging to one of our daughters, funny, not funny.  Life carries on.

How did we obtain two pups??? Oh the story would have you in stitches, humor prevails here on Edith Ct.!

So our almost ,so close to empty nest, yes the one with the two pups.  We now await a grandson at any moment!  It is hard to make jokes about this, but those pups got in to the action and have been having a blast with all items #BabyLuke.

Hard to believe, April Fools Day has come and gone, our Presidential candidates are still the same, Funny Not Funny. So NOT FUNNY!

Having an amazing husband who entertains all my passions, joins the #USTA mixed doubles league, only to pull a groin muscle a few weeks prior to ending the season, just not so funny. He is the best sport, in life, work and love.  Not so funny that he who he is so disciplined in his fitness has to undergo injury.

Fabulous  to think for a house of adults, we are to blessed with a little boy, a grandson who will educate us all on FUN!

If you are feeling down, go bump your Funny Bone, yeah I know it’s  funny, NOT, so funny.

The Silver Lining

Happy 25th Anniversary to my husband. What a whirlwind this anniversary has been, kicked off renewing our vows and honeymooning in Maui.  

I love the excitement, love, and adventure we share in our daily lives. That we commit to making everyday the best possible. Our promise to always try new things and believe and support each other’s dreams. 

I look back to the beginning and smile at the life we have created. We were babies raising babies, an almost empty nest and  now a grandchild on the way. 

I’m excited for today, thankful for every yesterday and promise to embrace every tomorrow for as long as I shall live!

All My Love forever and always. 


Through My Mothers Eyes

Life is funny, if you have a sense of humor.  When you are little you don’t want to rest or nap, as you age you would give anything to have the time to do so.

As you grow up, you respect the older generation.  When you are younger you especially  have no time for your parents, their input, or at least you pretend not to.  The time comes when all you want is their input and sometimes they are no longer present, physically but always spiritually.

When I was younger I dreamed of the life and family I wanted and prayed for it.  One day I was blessed enough to have those dreams come true.  I would always ask my mother’s opinion on various aspects of marriage, parenthood, house decor etc…  Once she gave her opinion even if I agreed 100%, sometimes I would do the complete opposite.

She would smile and know that I needed to follow my path to be the best me.  Ironically that path always led back to her first input.  Life is funny like that.

When we were younger my siblings and I would tease her on how easily she would tear up, or get upset on holidays.  Now that I’m a mom of three adult children I completely understand her.  I thought I knew her then, oh but mommy I get you more day by day.

I understand now, her want for a picture perfect holiday with her family, because it makes you immortal.  These photos consist of pain, tears and finally the smiles that Dad says you must wear to please your mother.  She will complain about how she looks but deep down, she loves that her babies are together, with her.  The best gift, the presence of those she loves.

This coming year has me reflecting more and more on my parents and ever so grateful for their grace and love.  If I can be half of who they were to me and my children I will consider myself doubly blessed.

The greatest gift she taught me is unconditional love!  I pray to be half the grandmother she was to her grandchildren and promise to spread her legacy to my grandchildren.

Happy New Year, embrace 2016!





Cheers to 2016

It has been an eventful year to say the least. I have much to be thankful for and a lot to look forward to.  I’m grateful to be ringing in the New Year in Cabo!

In this new year I plan to soak up every moment I can. To throw myself deeper in to my passions, to love myself like those I love. I will continue to give of myself and grow as a person. 

I have learned it is ok to ask for help when needed, it’s ok to cry and be afraid, to laugh out loud and to love big. I appreciate the love and strength of my husband who encourages and inspires me daily.  

I am excited for many milestones in the coming year.  I will celebrate 25 years of marriage, renew my vows, travel to Maui for our “Anniversary-moon, become a grandmother, and that is just the start of 2016!

Wishing all of you a Joyous New Year!