The Forties

The 40’s have been quite a decade thus far.  I have never had a problem with a birthday and the number attached to it.  I have 256 days until I turn 50, not that I am counting.  I had some goals for this year we shall see what unfolds.

I heard the rumors when you turn 40, harder to drop pounds, vision stinks, less stress because you get to enjoy the hard work of your 20’s and 30’s.  I would say most of the rumors are true.

I have had some of the best moments in my life during my 40’s but as I look back realize it has been a decade of surgeries and rebuilding.  Prior to this decade the only surgeries I had were my tonsils and appendix removed.  The stuff kids are made for.

Only fitting that I enter this year with spinal fusion surgery.  I have great faith to be back on the court playing the game I love by this summer.  Surgical recovery time will allow me to focus and realign my goals for this coming year and visions for the next decade.

My kids should know, I remember the song, “step on a crack ~ break your momma’s back”, I’m not sure which one is responsible but I will figure it out!  I’m just kidding kids I know it was a group effort, I’ve seen the MRI.  I’m thankful Dr. Jason Cohen can put me back together again, another nursery song, “Humpty Dumpty”.



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