First Tooth on Election Eve

Ahh so fitting on Election Eve, changes came swiftly in our home today. Our first grandchild, grandson Luke got his first tooth!  Old school beliefs that the person to discover the tooth purchases the child their first pair of shoes, once walking.

I always joke with my husband that we have to be careful on what we do for the first, as we will want to do the same for future grandkids.  The balance of our country on many levels will be affected with this election, so we decided on a cardboard box as his first tooth gift.

We felt strongly that no matter who is elected President tomorrow a cardboard box would be within our reach.  We should always be able to give the gift or creativity, adventure, love and our time.  We spent hours playing, giggling and with this grand gift.

Remember to get out and Vote tomorrow, despite all the crazy, every vote counts.  No matter the outcome, may you be kind, creative, adventurous and present with those around you.

Should I feel cantankerous at the outcome I hopefully will not close the shutters on our fabulous, house, race car, boat, plane, train ….. brown box!


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