Me, Myself and I

I’m not sure if I have ever experienced a time to myself, by myself with myself.  This past weekend I experienced 90 minutes floating in a pod.  The environment is stress free, sensory free, just yourself, your heartbeat and where ever your mind takes you while you float. You are in a tank or a pod with approximately 10 inches of water, that is ten times denser the Black Sea.  The total relaxation feel is associated to that of an astronaut in space, no gravitational pull on your body at all.

I had done a lot of reading up on the benefits and what to expect.  My only question was would I be able to let go, of everything?  Would I be able to focus on something specific?  Our tour to The Float Studio was from Michael and he gave some great tips, including ear plugs,

how your body might feel as if it is tipping at first, but you are not.  He was very excited to share how he meditates, this is an area I’m a huge failure in.  Once I start to meditate, I immediate give in to all that I have to do next.

I’m elated to share without stress on the body, no lighting, no noise, no social media, just me, myself and I, I readily relaxed and fell asleep, waking 85 minutes into my session.  I did spend the last five minutes floating like a kid, swaying from side to side and giggling at how relaxed I was.  My mind would not allow me to focus on anything but the present.

We were deciding the best time of day to go, lucky for us Mother Nature gave us a cloudy Saturday.  So we had a noon appointment, afterward we were relaxed as well as energized.  If you are looking for a getaway and don’t have time for a vacation, flight, etc., this might be the perfect escape.

Who knew 48 years in,  I really liked time with myself and enjoyed my own company!


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