And Grandbaby makes …

April 12th our lives forever changed, we became grandparents.  Let me start with our daughter and grandson are healthy and thriving.   Our almost empty nest is bustling.  We are adjusting and embracing life’s changes as we always do. We had heard all about the love  of a grandchild, well rumors hold true. Nine point seven pounds of pure joy and love immediately filled our hearts the day he was born. 

When our daughter moved home in her third trimester our friends asked how we would adjust.  We were not worried, but just as we adjusted to the almost empty nest we opened our arms and hearts to the fullest nest. 

My heart was blessed to be in the delivery room with our daughter – a gift I can never repay and may never in my life experience again. My life transformed as my little girl turned angelic in a c-section delivering our first grandchild – Luke Austin. I’ve never been prouder, more in love or awe as I was that day.

So as Mothers Day approaches my selfish side wants to indulge in me, my maternal side wants to deliver my first time mom girl the best Mother’s Day ever!

Don’t Worry Stay Happy  


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