Funny, Not Funny

Let me start with the simple facts, We make plans and God laughs.  That being said is funny, but not funny. If you can’t laugh out loud and at yourself, about your life, well it is going to be a bumpy ride.

I’ve been quiet for a few months, more because my mother once taught me this lesson, if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

So I shall use humor to sum up the what, that is foremost on the list of funny, not funny.

If you go back to the start of it all, we were babies raising babies.   Then just a blink or two ago we were an almost empty nest …… we were not sad, but excited, for what life had in store for us! …. (at this point go back and grimace with my opening line).

Not to long ago, we had to put down our chocolate lab, Hershey, it was heartbreaking, we agreed no more dogs, he was the best.  Here comes a dash of humor, now we harbor two small pups, each belonging to one of our daughters, funny, not funny.  Life carries on.

How did we obtain two pups??? Oh the story would have you in stitches, humor prevails here on Edith Ct.!

So our almost ,so close to empty nest, yes the one with the two pups.  We now await a grandson at any moment!  It is hard to make jokes about this, but those pups got in to the action and have been having a blast with all items #BabyLuke.

Hard to believe, April Fools Day has come and gone, our Presidential candidates are still the same, Funny Not Funny. So NOT FUNNY!

Having an amazing husband who entertains all my passions, joins the #USTA mixed doubles league, only to pull a groin muscle a few weeks prior to ending the season, just not so funny. He is the best sport, in life, work and love.  Not so funny that he who he is so disciplined in his fitness has to undergo injury.

Fabulous  to think for a house of adults, we are to blessed with a little boy, a grandson who will educate us all on FUN!

If you are feeling down, go bump your Funny Bone, yeah I know it’s  funny, NOT, so funny.


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