Who Has the Last Laugh

Lately, I have been laughing at myself, a lot.  I laugh that I can not leave the house with out making my bed, making sure the kitchen is clean and laundry is in order.  It makes me think back to when I was a kid and just wanted to jump out of bed and run out to play.  My mother would yell, did you make your bed?, brush your teeth, put away your laundry?, ….. the litany of questions would just fly out of her mouth as fast as saying hello.

Also, how my father would yell that nothing in the refrigerator has changed since the last time we opened it, two minutes ago.  When I was first married I would call my Dad to say hi and let him know I was opening and closing the fridge for no apparent reason.  Now we have a refrigerator that has a buzzer when opened to long, it makes me CRAZY!

There are many voices in my head, easy there peeps, mostly my parents and lessons taught early on.  It is not a bad thing but some of them I may have become obsessive, like when our carbon monoxide detector went off and we had the family safely on the deck and I went back in to make the bed before the firemen came.

My mom once told me she didn’t believe that when you were in Heaven that you could see everyone on earth.  She believed it would bring heavy hearts to the Angels.  This made sense to me, but I do believe there is a “Humor Window” that now and again the Angels peak down and laugh at us.

So as your kids make you crazy, no worries, our voices will remain with them longer after we no longer walk the earth!



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