The Beauty of Dressing to Dine

It has been a while since I’ve posted so I am going to start off short and sweet.  Give your children and yourself the gift of dressing for dinner.

Dining out is a treat, it should be respected.  Over the years, dating, raising children, dining with friends or each other, the art of getting dressed for dinner is often overlooked.  When you are dining out, and prepare for it, the whole atmosphere is pumped up.  Children learn the art of conversation and manners, couples get to escape the ordinary, and the dinner becomes an experience.

We were raised to appreciate going out, raised our children in the same manor and to this day we love getting dressed to go out.  It doesn’t have to be a suit and ballgown, but taking the time for your presentation opens up a night of enchantment and discovery.

Take the time to disconnect from the social media and engage in the presence of who is present!

Have a beautiful week!


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