Memories in a Watermelon

This morning I was cutting a watermelon and the image of my father cutting one up for my son as a toddler came flooding across my mind.  He was making sure all seeds were removed from every piece and they were not to big and not too small. This made me smile.  He wanted him to enjoy and savor the taste without choking, perhaps this little advice is great for our lives daily.

Fathers Day is this coming Sunday, June 21st, the last time I celebrated Fathers Day with my Dad was June 16 1991.  I miss him everyday.  He was a strong presence in my life, you felt his energy when he entered any room.  Yesterday I was thinking we should celebrate Daddy’s Day.  It sounds silly but many men can be Father’s not all become Dad’s or Daddy as I prefer.

Dads are the super heroes dreams are made up of.  They can be strong and silent, or loud and silly, but somehow Dad’s just know stuff.  They provide for their family (even in homes with two incomes), they feel pride in knowing they put clothing on their children’s back, help them ride a bike, do homework with them, whatever the task.  Before the age of Google, when I would ask my dad for help, he always had an answer, even if it was as simple as I am not sure but I will find out.

Dad’s have the ability to stop whatever they are doing and give their children their full attention in a different manner then a mom.  Most of my fondest memories are when I was just doing stuff with my Dad, the simple tasks in life, him telling me he loved me and was proud of me.  If you have been blessed to have a Daddy in your life you know what I mean.  I’m thankful my husband is a Daddy to our children and not just a father.

*Another Watermelon memory is that of our middle child as a toddler having eat so much of it at a buffet in Florida, (seeds included) and jumping in to the pool and proceeding to throw up watermelon everywhere!  hmmmm maybe it was the seeds 😉


Mother of the Bride

Our daughter got engaged in December 2014 right before Christmas, it was a whirlwind.  They were visiting from Texas and with the engagement and Christmas our emotions were on overdrive.  We have all had a few months to enjoy the engagement prior to the wedding planning.

Our first born daughter arrived this past Saturday to visit and plan the wedding!  I know, you all are thinking what is so shocking, she has been engaged for six months.  However, reality met up with fantasy, as I watched our little girl, middle child, first born daughter, slip in and out of wedding dresses!  It was a first for me, I opted for off the rack wedding dress from a high end department store for our wedding.  I had never experienced the full bridal experience, it was delightful, elegant, emotional and pure perfection when she slipped on the dress that was made for her.  Over the moon does not quite capture how I felt when I saw her in her wedding gown.

In the following days with the same ease and grace, we secured the venue and she and her Maid of Honor ( known as Baby Beal) found the ideal bridesmaids dresses.  We are blessed to say each outing was meant with ease and success in a way we could never have anticipated.

She is scheduled to return to the Lone Star State tomorrow and so far that has been the hardest part of her visit, knowing she will leave.  It has been such a wonderful time, sharing in her plans for her future, watching her and her younger sister, as young adults, bond, giggle and appreciate their time together.

This visit has been one of my favorites and reminds me that individual time with each child, no matter their age, is as important as when they were toddlers, teens, young adult to the present.  It is the greatest gift to get one on one time with your children  and then watch them have time together.

The only thing that could make this visit more perfect would have them relocating closer to home!

Where did the time go?  Our little baby girl who was so eager to enter this world, she arrived six weeks early.   She has yet to slow down.

We are excited to experience many more firsts as parents of the bride, and blessed to be included in all the fun, excitement and planning!