Girlfriend Power

The power of a “girl friend” for a woman is one I have often under appreciated.  I am always so eager to be with my hubby, I some times over look and neglect my girlfriends.  It sounds silly, but I am enamored with my spouse, going on 25 years in the institution of marriage his is the face and arms I race to.

This week I have a long time friend visiting, to call her an old friend seems rude, but a best friend for sure.  She reminds me of the importance of girl time, investing in another woman, lifting each other up and sheer laughter.  We immediately begin where we left off, reminisce, and share dreams etc., for ourselves and our families.

To all the ladies out there that maintain these relationships, God Bless!  We fall to the wayside at times but nobody can take what we have, the value or the meaning.

I’m thankful for a hubby that wants my friends visiting, loves the sound of our laughter and knows he will benefit form our time together!

Life Is Great!


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