My Mother The Rebel

It’s that time of year when all things Mom related flood your brain.  My mom left this earth just shy of 8 1/2 years ago, so I am always keeping her alive in my heart, my mind and my memory.

This past week the time my mother, “The Rebel”, ran away keeps popping to the forefront of my brain.  I am the youngest of three, she was feeling under appreciated, over worked and just plain fed up.  She took me with her, I was just 4 years of age, not yet one in the group to make her completely crazy just yet, and she probably worried I would be forgotten in the shuffle.  She ran away in the “off season” at the Jersey Shore, so like a brave soul she drove over the Seaside Bridge in the WINTER and we got a room at a motel.

I have a vague memory of us getting pulled over by a policeman, he was probably just checking on her.  It’s a fun memory, because we jumped on the bed, had junk food for dinner and it was all before social media and the ease of computers to help find someone.  I’m 99% sure we were gone just one evening, after all my father had a heart condition and she wouldn’t want to kill him, just wake him up!!

I wish I had asked her about this again before she died, we had such fun, we always did, but I would love to be able to know all the details.  I wish we had taken photos, I would love to know all she was thinking, it was a bold move for a woman in the 70’s and she will always remain the coolest to me.  Then again the mystery of it all makes the memory even more amazing.

She helped turn my shy little, unspoken self in to a confident woman and forever in my heart she will remain!!


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