Girlfriend Power

The power of a “girl friend” for a woman is one I have often under appreciated.  I am always so eager to be with my hubby, I some times over look and neglect my girlfriends.  It sounds silly, but I am enamored with my spouse, going on 25 years in the institution of marriage his is the face and arms I race to.

This week I have a long time friend visiting, to call her an old friend seems rude, but a best friend for sure.  She reminds me of the importance of girl time, investing in another woman, lifting each other up and sheer laughter.  We immediately begin where we left off, reminisce, and share dreams etc., for ourselves and our families.

To all the ladies out there that maintain these relationships, God Bless!  We fall to the wayside at times but nobody can take what we have, the value or the meaning.

I’m thankful for a hubby that wants my friends visiting, loves the sound of our laughter and knows he will benefit form our time together!

Life Is Great!


This Thankful Mom

Happy Mother’s Day!

I will keep it simple, I am thankful for my birth mother, my mother, my mother-in-law and my husband.  It is without these forces that I would not be blessed with my children.

When I was a child I wanted to be just like my mom, have three children and be a mommy.  My greatest joys, call me Mom.  The gift of being a mother is such a blessing and I am so thankful for the role.  My children are the wonder beyond what I can put in to words, they fill my heart and complete me.

I will embrace the memory of my mother today, because she was a strong woman who would want me to smile and remember her love, I will smile at the thought of my children, who they have grown to be and the destiny that will unfold in their futures.

Sipping my coffee in true motherhood happiness, very early before anyone else is awake!

My Mother The Rebel

It’s that time of year when all things Mom related flood your brain.  My mom left this earth just shy of 8 1/2 years ago, so I am always keeping her alive in my heart, my mind and my memory.

This past week the time my mother, “The Rebel”, ran away keeps popping to the forefront of my brain.  I am the youngest of three, she was feeling under appreciated, over worked and just plain fed up.  She took me with her, I was just 4 years of age, not yet one in the group to make her completely crazy just yet, and she probably worried I would be forgotten in the shuffle.  She ran away in the “off season” at the Jersey Shore, so like a brave soul she drove over the Seaside Bridge in the WINTER and we got a room at a motel.

I have a vague memory of us getting pulled over by a policeman, he was probably just checking on her.  It’s a fun memory, because we jumped on the bed, had junk food for dinner and it was all before social media and the ease of computers to help find someone.  I’m 99% sure we were gone just one evening, after all my father had a heart condition and she wouldn’t want to kill him, just wake him up!!

I wish I had asked her about this again before she died, we had such fun, we always did, but I would love to be able to know all the details.  I wish we had taken photos, I would love to know all she was thinking, it was a bold move for a woman in the 70’s and she will always remain the coolest to me.  Then again the mystery of it all makes the memory even more amazing.

She helped turn my shy little, unspoken self in to a confident woman and forever in my heart she will remain!!

Over a Century of Mother’s Day Madness

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching.  This year will be the 101st officially celebrated by the USA and my 47th.  When put that way I feel I’ve been around a long time to assess and understand the day itself.  Ok, let  us roll with that naive thought.  I will be turning 48 this Fall, so I fall shy of being alive of half of the Mother’s Day celebrations, but I have gained some perspective as a child, mother, daughter-in-law and mother-less celebrant of the holiday.

As a child, I was eager to wish my Mom all the best on her special day!  I made cards, created gifts, attempted plants etc., but my mother always kissed my face with gratitude. I’m certain my father took care of my mom when we were babies, on our behalf and in later years as a thank you for begin a wonderful mom and the gift of his being a wonderful dad.

As we get older, we get busier, we purchase cards, gifts, and we if we are blessed we have time for a visit or really great a meal together.  This year will be the 9th year without my Mother alive on Mother’s Day.  It is harder annually because as we grow, we understand better what makes this day so special.

Here is a harsh dose of honesty, I always loved honoring my Mom on Mother’s Day, until I became a Mother myself.  Yes, I put it in black and white and wish it were not true.  The first Mother’s Day I celebrated as a Mom, my parents made extra special for me, but still inside a little selfish I just wanted to enjoy the day, wtih my son and nobody else.  OK if you are rolling your eyes  most likely you are not a parent!  My mother so understood, she knew the feelings she had been there herself, and what a gift to say it is your time to enjoy your baby, eventually babies.  Hindsight ~ she was still and always giving even on her special day.

Over the years, blessed with two more babies I made it a point to honor my mother and my mother in law, yes still secretly just wanting to enjoy “my” day.  That is so selfish, as if I were the only mother alive, but with age,and ten children between them, they were wiser and always insisted we celebrate.  Now as I approach another Mother’s Day without my mom, and two of three children in different time zones I better understand the never ending gift of motherhood and the reason we celebrate our Mother’s.

So here we are many moons later.  What I wouldn’t give to have one more Mother’s Day with my mom and am so thankful to still have my mother in law.   My children were hinting about what I would like this year.  Well here you go the kiddos, my  unrealistic, ideal gift, I would love this mother’s day I would like to sleep in, not a chance I have not done it in over 30 years!  I would like to wake and only worry about my needs, this reality was deleted from my being once I became a mom.  I would like to wake have my coffee, not concern my self with the little things, emptying the dishwasher, laundry, what will everyone eat that day, what would they really like, is the propane filled, do I have all ingredients incase anyone changes their mind.  The ultimate gift would be to know my children are happy, productive members of society and they bring kindness and love with them where ever they go.

Here are some great gift ideas for me and perhaps a mom or two (million) out there: call your mom, tell her you love her and appreciate her, write her a letter, an email a text whatever – she will love it.  Do not spend money on gifts commercialized that seems to fit the hallmark idea.  If you are living at home, and or visiting, perhaps snap on your mom eyes, anticipate in advance what will be needed, toilet paper replaced, soap in the shower, food, drinks, laundry folded and or washed.  Give her a day with out worry or at least the smallest amount possible.  Allow her to liesurely drink her morning tea or coffee, to work out or not,or here is a big one ~  to kiss your whole face no matter your age.  Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate and those who are in honor of doing so!

I always say I married my best friend, this holiday reminds me I married my Soul Mate and my very best 2nd friend in the world! Forever blessed.