Becoming The In-Laws

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we have become, “The In-laws”.  We all know the jokes are endless and to top it off usually the mother-in-law is the worst!

We have been fortunate so far, the families have blended so well and when we can all get together we do so with great energy.  We have done some adult get togethers, with our son and daughter-in-law, the “big kids”.  They have met us on vacation, we have traveled to California to visit them.  We have similar interests and get along easily.  So far it seems we are still fun to be with and they claim to like us, not just love us.

We have kept our boundaries, I’m sure living on opposite coasts has added to that.  I’m sure should they be blessed with children we would be filled with wonderful, knowledgeable input.  I might have mentioned to them how excited I would be to become a grandmother, once or twice. ( you can laugh here, I know my they are)

The best part of becoming in-laws has been the gift we get seeing these newlyweds together.  The love that radiates around them, the smile on our son’s face and the twinkle in his eye anytime his bride walks in to a room, lets us know he found his perfect partner.

Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness, dreams that are fulfilled, and eventually a residence closer to their parents!  I can make comments like that because after all I am the “mother-in-law”.


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