What kind of shopper are you?

Everyone seems to be on a schedule with limited time to do the things they want to do. This had me thinking about the ease of on-line shopping. Do you prefer to shop in-line or on-line? I myself prefer on-line shopping for most items. I understand some of you like to see a product, but once you know what you want why be limited to the stores inventory?

The benefits that I love about on-line shopping, price checks, coupons accepted, free delivery, ease of returns, and getting exactly what I want in the size and color. It also allows me to get larger items that I would need my husbands assistance with, which would take away from our weekend time together. Not to mention the lack of customer service when at many stores.

Young parents today who are juggling children, careers and the house if savvy enough can schedule their food delivery, and items they need without giving up precious time with their families. You should make a list just like any other time you go shopping and find the stores and credit cards that reward you as well. It can help you organize, prioritze and refrain from impulse buying (kill that urge with a Pinterest board).

Well I have to go, a delivery just arrived with an outdoor carpet that was not available in my area! Yes it cost less then I could have paid for in the store. Bonus, I didn’t have to break my back to get it to the register and in the car. Now I can roll it out, put my chaise on it and read a book!

Happy Earth Day!


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