This Undisciplined Runner

I have an interesting relationship with running. I want to love it, I really do, but I do not allow myself the discipline it takes for consistency. I am competitive by nature and always want to do my best, but something about a race that messes with my ability to stay focused. Being married to a runner, who does train properly, speed workouts, long runs, short runs etc. you would think it would be easy for me to follow his lead. He always amazes me, just by looking at his watch he knows his pace and will adjust accordingly.

If I am being honest with my true self, following a “plan” might be my first issue, my spirit likes to lead. Here is what I realized about myself, when it comes to running my style can be summed up by three words, “Ignorance is Bliss”. I run best when I don’t have a watch, music, do not know the course and just take in the world. The people watching, the sights, listening to my breathing and just running.

My current passion lies in tennis and I do have that to thank for my endurance and allowing me to have the ability to run for 5 miles without tiring or training. I do a lot of cardio on elliptical, bikes and treadmills in the gym. The anxiety kicks in at a track, or a loop where I know the distance and the turn around point and what is expected in the end.

I will continue to dabble in running, because my inner girl does love the freedom, the fresh air and all the fun clothes that go along with the sport!

My goal, to always run like a child chasing butterflies and rainbows!


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