This little piggie cried all the way home!

If you live in a state with seasons, it is true, you can actually ignore your feet! I’m overwhelmed and equally shocked when warm weather arrives and your toes have been neglected. Especially you warm weather peeps.

This being said, if you reside where winters are long and cold you might neglect your piggies. I’m certain it is not with intent, but the lack of warm weather has taken over your routine. You should really reward your piggies all year long, you step on them daily! You should never be the person who removes their kicks and is embarrassed of the condition of their feet.

If you are not a fan of pedicures, make moisturizing, trimming and polishing your toes a ritual. Encourage your man to do the same, he can skip the polish but focus on healthy feet. PSA clear polish is better then chipped colored polish.

Men, Women, couples, partners, singles, parents, children, here it is: nobody likes unkept feet. Take a few moments every night and morning to take care of your feet as they carry you around daily.

I promise you the last laugh at what ever sporting event, social, or dinner you attend. Your well kept piggies will make getting ready fun, stress free and be ready for dancing barefoot anywhere anytime!


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