Becoming The In-Laws

It is hard to believe it has been a year since we have become, “The In-laws”.  We all know the jokes are endless and to top it off usually the mother-in-law is the worst!

We have been fortunate so far, the families have blended so well and when we can all get together we do so with great energy.  We have done some adult get togethers, with our son and daughter-in-law, the “big kids”.  They have met us on vacation, we have traveled to California to visit them.  We have similar interests and get along easily.  So far it seems we are still fun to be with and they claim to like us, not just love us.

We have kept our boundaries, I’m sure living on opposite coasts has added to that.  I’m sure should they be blessed with children we would be filled with wonderful, knowledgeable input.  I might have mentioned to them how excited I would be to become a grandmother, once or twice. ( you can laugh here, I know my they are)

The best part of becoming in-laws has been the gift we get seeing these newlyweds together.  The love that radiates around them, the smile on our son’s face and the twinkle in his eye anytime his bride walks in to a room, lets us know he found his perfect partner.

Wishing them a lifetime of love and happiness, dreams that are fulfilled, and eventually a residence closer to their parents!  I can make comments like that because after all I am the “mother-in-law”.


What kind of shopper are you?

Everyone seems to be on a schedule with limited time to do the things they want to do. This had me thinking about the ease of on-line shopping. Do you prefer to shop in-line or on-line? I myself prefer on-line shopping for most items. I understand some of you like to see a product, but once you know what you want why be limited to the stores inventory?

The benefits that I love about on-line shopping, price checks, coupons accepted, free delivery, ease of returns, and getting exactly what I want in the size and color. It also allows me to get larger items that I would need my husbands assistance with, which would take away from our weekend time together. Not to mention the lack of customer service when at many stores.

Young parents today who are juggling children, careers and the house if savvy enough can schedule their food delivery, and items they need without giving up precious time with their families. You should make a list just like any other time you go shopping and find the stores and credit cards that reward you as well. It can help you organize, prioritze and refrain from impulse buying (kill that urge with a Pinterest board).

Well I have to go, a delivery just arrived with an outdoor carpet that was not available in my area! Yes it cost less then I could have paid for in the store. Bonus, I didn’t have to break my back to get it to the register and in the car. Now I can roll it out, put my chaise on it and read a book!

Happy Earth Day!

This Undisciplined Runner

I have an interesting relationship with running. I want to love it, I really do, but I do not allow myself the discipline it takes for consistency. I am competitive by nature and always want to do my best, but something about a race that messes with my ability to stay focused. Being married to a runner, who does train properly, speed workouts, long runs, short runs etc. you would think it would be easy for me to follow his lead. He always amazes me, just by looking at his watch he knows his pace and will adjust accordingly.

If I am being honest with my true self, following a “plan” might be my first issue, my spirit likes to lead. Here is what I realized about myself, when it comes to running my style can be summed up by three words, “Ignorance is Bliss”. I run best when I don’t have a watch, music, do not know the course and just take in the world. The people watching, the sights, listening to my breathing and just running.

My current passion lies in tennis and I do have that to thank for my endurance and allowing me to have the ability to run for 5 miles without tiring or training. I do a lot of cardio on elliptical, bikes and treadmills in the gym. The anxiety kicks in at a track, or a loop where I know the distance and the turn around point and what is expected in the end.

I will continue to dabble in running, because my inner girl does love the freedom, the fresh air and all the fun clothes that go along with the sport!

My goal, to always run like a child chasing butterflies and rainbows!

This little piggie cried all the way home!

If you live in a state with seasons, it is true, you can actually ignore your feet! I’m overwhelmed and equally shocked when warm weather arrives and your toes have been neglected. Especially you warm weather peeps.

This being said, if you reside where winters are long and cold you might neglect your piggies. I’m certain it is not with intent, but the lack of warm weather has taken over your routine. You should really reward your piggies all year long, you step on them daily! You should never be the person who removes their kicks and is embarrassed of the condition of their feet.

If you are not a fan of pedicures, make moisturizing, trimming and polishing your toes a ritual. Encourage your man to do the same, he can skip the polish but focus on healthy feet. PSA clear polish is better then chipped colored polish.

Men, Women, couples, partners, singles, parents, children, here it is: nobody likes unkept feet. Take a few moments every night and morning to take care of your feet as they carry you around daily.

I promise you the last laugh at what ever sporting event, social, or dinner you attend. Your well kept piggies will make getting ready fun, stress free and be ready for dancing barefoot anywhere anytime!

Easter without the Chicks

We survived Easter without any of our children home, our first holiday without any of the kids. No worries we were not alone, we had each other! We started our day with our favorite tradition of Easter, morning mass. We were blessed with a beautiful day so we packed up food, drink and headed out on the boat for a day of true rest and relaxation.

It was the first Easter without any candy in the house, this was definitely a bonus. We also went without coloring eggs, once again more fun with kids. It has been a long time since we have had Easter Egg hunts, eventually they will return when grandchildren arrive. I missed having the family together in their Easter outfits, a spring tradition I always love.

We were happy knowing our children were happy. We are comfortable knowing change will come as the family continues to grow, move and set their footprints in this world.

On that note I might have set an email to them this morning trying to plan Easter 2017!