Happiness, it’s as simple as the state of being happy. However, happiness has a look, touch, feel to each individual. You can choose to be happy for a friend who is overjoyed and think that would not be for me. You can feel happiness at the sight of a person, nature or just have that warm feeling over take you when you count your blessings.

May you find happiness within yourself when you wake, watching a sunrise, a kiss from your spouse, call from your kids, smelling the ocean, watching the sunset, seeing children at play, a beautiful garden, the clouds, mountain view, through music ~ in other words keep your eyes and heart open!

So today is Friday the 13th, instead of fear, worry or superstitions I hope you find happiness.


True Love

It is hard to believe it has been 24 years since we said, “I Do”. It seems like we were just married and at the same time I can barely remember a time that I was not Mrs. Mark Beal.

Today I was reflecting on the joy and excitement of our wedding day. We had an evening wedding so there was plenty of time to pass during the day. My poor parents when I decided to spend the morning roller blading, of course no wrist guards or helmet were involved. We were married in 1991, before everyone had a cell phone and social media was all the hype. I remember how excited I was for the wedding, not for the dress, the photographs, the ceremony, well definitely to walk with my dad, but to see my love and become his wife.

It had me thinking of our excitement to be husband and wife. No longer would we have to say good night and part ways. At the end of this day 24 years ago, we would be forever united. Our wedding song was, True Love, by Glenn Frey. It surmised how we felt from the start, that first look, first kiss and all that excitement we felt when we were together. I am thankful to say all these years later, our love is still exciting, new daily, we are best friends, partners in crime, lovers, parents and we always put each other first without hesitation.

Our love has always been about the little things. The importance of saying I Love You, kisses, holding hands, sharing dreams, not afraid of sharing fears. We have always enjoyed the simplest pleasures in life, while dreaming big. We built a family, buried loved ones, we have cried, laughed, shared fears and we continue to build each other up daily.

Marriage is by far my favorite institution and I am thankful to have married my soul mate on the first try. It never seems like a job, because we always put each other first without hesitation.

I am truly excited for our future and where it will take us. I am equally as excited for my husband to walk through the door tonight, share our meal, celebrate our love, our day and dream of tomorrow and the days thereafter.

My Dad’s advice on our wedding day, always say I Love You and never go to bed angry. So far so good ~ thanks Dad!