In this age of social media and on line albums perhaps this thought is old school. If I were to go back and change anything since we were first married, it would be a journal of us. To write down all the places we have been, the outings we have taken and just fun facts.

It would not require every personal emotion but a log of our journey together. I was reflecting on all that we have seen and done since we were married. I can not always remember the dates or the years and wish I had kept a journal. It would be a fun reflection over time and a great family heirloom and tradition.

As we approach our 24th wedding anniversary I am going to start. Should the day come when we are unable to get out and about, we can reflect on all the adventures we had while the body and mind were able.

I encourage those newly engaged, married, or even those like us who have a few years already in to the institution of marriage to grab a book and start to journal. There is no one to better to tell your story then yourself.


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