A Panda I am Not

I have always loved the image of the panda bear, but last month at the San Diego Zoo I had the pleasure of learning more about them.

I am thankful I am not a Panda mom. They kick their kids out of the nest on average when they are 18 months! I could not imagine missing out on all that cuddling time. They are loners and prefer thousands of miles of separation. Lets face it if you are a parent you have dreamed of using the bathroom by yourself or enjoying that morning cup of coffee in silence, but that is isolation!

This week as I watched the news and all the sad events in the world it confirmed my joy of not being a Panda. I enjoyed the craziness of babyhood, the snuggles, the struggles and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. It is true I believed in letting my children remain children as long as possible. I did not believe in them seeing the world as it is but instead to let their dreams grow. Letting them dream of what the world might hold for them and the changes they could make in it. I spoiled them with extra hugs, kisses, less chores and more play.

I truly believe in arming our kids with love, knowledge and letting them know they are perfect in our eyes, not necessarily in the eyes of everyone else. I believe the home should be a place of comfort, trust, love and support. We all grow up and having a base of love, support, faith, trust are great tools to share in this crazy world we live in.

I am thankful they are out in the world making their mark. I love the phone calls, texts, face-time and phone calls to learn all about what is going on their world.

As I sit here enjoying my coffee on this quiet Sunday morning enjoying the empty nest, I feel a bit like the momma panda…..the difference being I know soon my cubs will be checking in.

(ironically before I could finish this post or my coffee the phone is ringing)


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