Love Affair

Recently Stand Up To Cancer has been running a Valentine Campaign, to #KissCancerGoodbye. It is a simple task, post a photo of a kiss use, the hashtag and share it.

This has been great fun for me, for those of you who know me, know I love kissing photos with my love. We have photos from many places and countries sharing a kiss. Our kids used to tease us, but, I think as they are young adults they have come to appreciate our love affair.

We have always been excited to spend our time together from the beginning of dating until now, just shy of 24 years of marriage. My heart beats faster at the site of my husband, my smile broadens when he touches me, and my eyes drink up his love with a kiss from him.

Our love affair has grown over the years and we take pride in nurturing it and it has blossomed over the years. I’m thankful that my husband is my best friend, that just being in each others company is enough for us. I love the adventures we take and the memories we make.

This weekend we will take on NYC and I can promise their will be kissing photos! The campaign has given me an excuse to look back over the years and smile at all of them, but it is our love that will keep those kisses keep on keeping on!


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