It Ain’t Easy ..

From the beginning of time life was not about easy. Just look at Adam and Eve, they had it all, but temptation got the best of them. If you check your birth certificate I am certain you will not find a certified stamp guaranteeing an easy life.

Some folks are trying to have babies while others just toss them away without any value for life. There are people without homes and people with multiple homes. Those without jobs and those who spend more time at their job trying to avoid the work.

The list can go on and on. There will be times when you might question why me? I can’t imagine anyone who has not. Not every question we have will be answered in a way we will understand or comprehend. Knowing of all the wrongs in the world, the evils that lie ahead of everyday, some days may want to have you hide under a rock. I hope that you will feel the warmth of the sun, peek out from under that rock and embrace the smallest of all joys that do surround you.

I have all kinds of friendships and people that have crossed my path in my 47 years. I can say the truly richest are those that give thanks each day, appreciate the sunrise for which they are alive another day, and give willingly of themselves. It is easy to judge someone from afar but you have no idea of their daily struggles, so be kind.

It is much easier to be kind and smile then to harbor anger and resentment. You never know what your smile or kind word will do for someone you come across in your life, no matter how brief the moment.

A life filled with love is a life worth living!


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