2015 So Far So Good

The New Year is off to a good start and my realistic resolutions are in check. As we are more then half way through the first month I am finding my balance ( a Libra thing) in check with the goals I have set for myself.

Why I am a big fan of trying new things and going outside my comfort zone, I might say that the glass of wine that was spilled in my seat during travel in the sky was not what I was thinking. Thankfully I packed a sense of humor and extra jeans for our trip.

We kicked off our travel itinerary with our first trip of the year to visit our son & daughter in law in San Diego. They had set up quite an itinerary for us and we were eager to visit on their turf and follow their lead. They proved to exhilarate our hunger for the outdoor life, new things and a great balance of time to enjoy each other. We were happy to see married life has been treating them so well.

We are back home, enjoying our routines, which gives us comfort no matter how crazy certain days can be. We miss our kids but are truly delighted with all they have going on in their lives.

Next month begins wedding plans as we vacation in at our villa in Cabo. I even purchased our daughters first gift for her trousseau!!

So 2015 if is off to a blissful start and we couldn’t be more thankful.


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