My Realistic Resolutions

Hello 2015, I welcome you with an abundance of joy and anticipation of what is to come. I am not a big fan of setting one’s self up for failure, which many resolutions happen to do. Instead I have created a realistic list that I look forward to keeping.

These are in no particular order:

1) Start my day with giving thanks to waking up and before I get out of bed remind myself of one thing that I happen to like/love about myself.

2) Allow myself two days a week without guilt of no scheduled workout, not to say fitness won’t occur but if it does it will be a bonus, if it does not my body will enjoy a rest day.

3) I promise to challenge myself at least once a month with various things that are uncomfortable for me or new to me, because I am a creature of habit, schedule and control.

4) To read a minimum of one novel a month.

5) Less time on social media and more time socially with those whose company I really enjoy

6) To visit my children at least twice each this year at their homes in CA and TX

7) I will let go of all bad energy and those that create it.

8) To take a trip once a month, it can be as simple as overnight or the next town but get out of dodge and schedules.

9) To go through photos and start to scan them for my children so they have them on digital files.

10) To enjoy the process of planning for our daughters wedding and allowing her wishes to be front and center and not allow anyone else to cause stress in the process or her day.

That’s a wrap, it’s a small step but tonight we are going to the movie theatre, it has been years so thanks #3!


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