Skipping and Tripping down Memory Lane

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! If you love Christmas and the promise it brings you completely agree. Faithfully, I am excited for Jesus’ birthday. My selfish human side is excited at the crazy blur of our family gathering, schedules forgotten, and reminiscing in full force.

We will catch up with our kids, siblings, parents and friends. We will share current events that have happened in the past year. Stories will be told of childhood memories and of each other, those who have passed and some tales we might have imagined over the years. All that keeps us so busy all year long will seem like a blink of an eye once we are together. We will make promises not to let so much time lapse, but life picks up speed as we get older.

This is our first year with the kids all legally adults. The putting up of the tree with grown kids had me tempted to go with a theme, a grown up tree, you know those picture perfect ones you find on Pinterest or a catalog. It was only a for a second did this thought have a winning chance, once I opened the box of ornaments, the story of my life unfolded before me. My parents had started the tradition of ornaments as a gift, as I child I loved them but never really knew the value they would hold. I laughed and cried as I decorated the tree, ornaments from my early years, that I vividly remember getting, my children’s first Christmas ornaments and a few from my moms best friend. It is a fun story as I walk around the tree and reminisce, soon I will pack up their ornaments in separate containers for their homes and hope they feel the story unfold before them. My sister in recent years has definitely won the award in best ornaments for all, it is my goal to get better at it, especially since I really felt the beauty of it all this year.

So I laughed, I cried, at some points I cringed at the ornaments on my tree. All I can really say is I would like to schedule a meeting with Pixar, about ornaments coming to life! What a movie that would be.

Merry Christmas!


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