It’s A Boy

Thirty years ago at 1:14pm on a Sunday afternoon these were the words that warmed my heart as a first time mom. The second sentence was that he was healthy with ten fingers and ten toes.

It was a whirlwind of a weekend considering on December 7, 1984, my doctor told me I was four weeks from delivery and to expect six weeks before the baby would enter the world.

I could not have imagined two days later being a mom and now 30 years later I can’t picture my life any differently. My son gave me the greatest title I could ever imagine, “Mommy.” It was the introduction of who I was meant to be which allowed me to embrace the dream of more children.

As young parents we never had limitations set for us or for Drew. This allowed us all to grow and explore and we never set boundaries on his thirst for life.

The gift of youth is the ability to dream big, try everything and don’t blink upon stumbling, let alone fall. It’s hard to believe in a blink of an eye my little boy is 30, and is now a husband and as loving, kind,caring & compassionate as his dad.

I always see the little boy glimmer in his mischievous smile but I admire the adoring and loving look he has every time his bride enters the room.

I appreciate his gentleness for his sisters and his kindness and love for us.

It is with a heart filled with love, we wish him all the best in the next decade and may he be blessed one day with the role of “Daddy”.



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