Who pulled the wool over my eyes?!

So many years of sleep deprivation and I was convinced that it was all on me. I have told everyone that I just don’t require sleep.

WELL, the gig is up! I started years ago of giving up sleep as a young mom and never minded as the family grew. It was my inner mommy, always one eye and both ears open while “sleeping”. Now that our babies have flown the coop, guess what I have been sleeping! It’s the most amazing feeling.

I have documented proof as well. I wear the UP24 band that monitors my activities and sleep. This weekend the youngest was home from college, we were off to bed last night and she was headed out. So of course sleep was not consistent. When I awoke today I checked my chart, I woke up 4 times and was up for a total of two hours nine minutes! I had four hours and thirty one minutes of sleep.

It made me think of the quote, “The two happiest days of my life is when my kids come to visit and when they leave”. I love to have them home, fuss over them, indulge them, however, when they are gone I really am enjoying some solid ZZZZZZZZZZ’s!


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