My Scattered thoughts racing around my brain

Theses are some of thoughts that take over my brain in no particular order when the mind allows itself to wonder:

In this day and age I am saddened that race is still such an issue. It makes me sad when any “celebrity” has to issue a statement or press conference on “coming out”. I believe if people are nice they are worthy of your respect and kindness, that simple.

I wonder what my dad would think (he passed 21 years ago) of people paying for water, having to carry it at all times. When we ran a race this weekend it made me think of him, pay to run? for a shirt? I could hear him joke “I will give you a reason to run”. makes me smile

Why does the hair on my head turn gray so quickly and a dark hair will appear randomly where it was always light?

If I can not stand germs (not quite germaphobe) and yet at times I will still bite my nails ~ how filthy! ugh

I sometimes find myself watching peoples behavior in stores, especially as the holidays approach us, the overall rude, angry actions. It is the same in the church parking lot after mass, total mayhem. I hope this finds you trying to take a step back and if your list is not complete I hope those gathering with you is.

How is it possible the more time I spend putting things in their place the more there is to organize? If we are trying to downgrade why do we have such an accumulation of “stuff””?!

How can my dishwasher gather grime when I always fill it with cleaner? There is more dust on washer and dryer that run several times a day, therefore not lack of use!

How easily some walk away from their vows but will put endless energy in dating the wrong person?? Put that energy on trying first to fix what you had.

I do believe the smallest acts of kindness have such great ripple effects, if you don’t get to see the benefits just have faith and keep being kind. If you are able to help those in need just do it.

As I am getting older I find myself tearing up at the smallest things, those most dear to my heart. I used to think my mom was a weepy one, I now realize that I am lucky enough to know my blessings and be thankful for them. It is unfortunate that these moments hit at the most unfortunate of times, reading cards in the store, listening to songs while driving, or watching TV with my family. I guess I must start carrying tissues. Folger’s might be my achilles!

I often am intrigued to be able to meditate and then when I sit in silence my scattered thoughts run amuck in my brain and that is not calling myself a scatter brain by any means!


Who pulled the wool over my eyes?!

So many years of sleep deprivation and I was convinced that it was all on me. I have told everyone that I just don’t require sleep.

WELL, the gig is up! I started years ago of giving up sleep as a young mom and never minded as the family grew. It was my inner mommy, always one eye and both ears open while “sleeping”. Now that our babies have flown the coop, guess what I have been sleeping! It’s the most amazing feeling.

I have documented proof as well. I wear the UP24 band that monitors my activities and sleep. This weekend the youngest was home from college, we were off to bed last night and she was headed out. So of course sleep was not consistent. When I awoke today I checked my chart, I woke up 4 times and was up for a total of two hours nine minutes! I had four hours and thirty one minutes of sleep.

It made me think of the quote, “The two happiest days of my life is when my kids come to visit and when they leave”. I love to have them home, fuss over them, indulge them, however, when they are gone I really am enjoying some solid ZZZZZZZZZZ’s!

Logging off and Plugging In

I have been trying lately to log off from all my favorite electronics and plug in to living in the moment. This is not to say I have gone cold turkey and I’m not browsing my favorite sites or posting here and there, just changing my habits ever so slightly.

I might have Apple to thank for a bit of this. I recently purchased the iphone6+, it’s big, like a mini iPad. I love it, but the convenience of having it at my finger tips all the time is a bit inconvenient. What a gift! I have been walking without my earphones, leaving my phone at home, listening to nature, head up and eyes straight ahead. There are times I need the music to get me through a workout but being in tune with my thoughts has been beneficial.

I have come to realize when I am bored, I log on, search, post, retweet etc., but for the most part I am not missing the #socialmedia craze. I have been less active on line and much more active in life. The busier I am, the more connected I am to my daily passions and the less desire I have to post. This has led to less blogging. My mind has had so many thoughts I have not been able to focus on the blog so I thought I would start with this explanation.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and while I will be busy taking photos and capturing memories, my goal is not to post immediately, but to enjoy the moment and make an album at a quiet time. A time where I can reflect, enjoy the moments captured and memories being made, decide what is truly worth sharing with the world and what is worth keeping private.

I hope all of you can enjoy the moment, log off and plug in as well!


Election Day is upon us. This is your day as an American citizen to make a difference. You should study your candidates and the public questions on your ballot.

If you do not vote and complain about change or lack there of you are part of the problem. Each vote counts. Your party needs your support as does your country.

It is a right I am proud to have and look forward to going to the voting booths this morning!

God Bless America