Should have, could have, would have

Life is a precious gift. Do not let your should have’s become your could have’s or would have’s. As you all know I am an optimist, a lover of life, my family and have learned you can not control all that will happen. We all have worries, that is a normal part of life, you can not let fear control you. You must be responsible for your actions and your people but as the song goes; “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”.

You should always have a passport ready for any opportunity whether business or pleasure should knock on your door. If you have never traveled or perhaps you are always on the go, keep travel size items and cash accessible. You will be thankful to look back and even blush as you tell an adventure, it will be a part of the story you created in your life. It is much better to have lived and taken chances then to stay so close to your vest that you never take a chance.

We are never guaranteed tomorrow, so be thankful for today, enjoy the gift of waking and living. Be kind, take the road less travelled, listen to the stories of those around you, age is not a requirement for experience. Embrace it all, perfection is an unrealistic goal for a daily outlook, but embracing the imperfection is ideal.

I’m a realist and if times have you strapped and you can not leave the state or your county, set out to explore where you live. Change it up, promise yourself a little glimpse of something you would not normally have done. The best things in this life we all lead are free, so love, laugh, and live vibrantly, your children, friends, and all those you encounter will be the recipients of the smile on your face.

My mommy always said, go and do while you are able, because when you think you can afford it or the time is perfect, you may not be in the best of health!


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