A New Year

I have become a year older since my last blog and while I can’t promise amazing wisdom, it has been an amazing start.

For those that follow me on social media you have had a glimpse of what has been going on. I closed out 46, heading to Bermuda for a weekend of R,R & R, ( for you youngsters, that is rest, romance and relaxation, emphasis on the second R).

It was a continuation of “firsts” that hubby and I try to continue as we head in to the world of “Empty Nesters”. Neither of us had been to Bermuda, we were excited for all it offered. We idealized how great it would it would be., to be disconnected for a three day trip. It was our first time not to add, global data and calling to our plan as we would only be gone a few days and all our children are out of the nest and in contact with one another.

Guilty as charged, we checked the weather, simply, it said rain. So we packed for anything but! We arrived to a beautiful island, took all Bermuda had to offer with open arms and began to celebrate, champagne, dining and dancing. The only person we thought not to be on our page was the boat rental guy, who said a hurricane was brewing…… we declined to really invest in his forecast.

We had the most amazing time swimming in The Grotto, caverns underground, an ultimate experience to enjoy should you get the chance. We drank Champagne on the beach, birthday morning, standing in The Grotto Bay, another first. We were high on our love, our getaway and all we were experiencing.

That night Tropical Storm Fay hit, thankfully we had dined, danced and enjoyed enough bubbly to get us throughout the first half of the storm without a worry. When we woke we realized the storm had hit, ignorance had us at it had passed, we were in the eye. We were safe and not overly panicked, we can thank Super Storm Sandy for that. Once our flight was cancelled we were ever so thankful for “free wifi” in the lobby to reach out to our son to help get us off the island, a strong hurricane was already in the forecast five days later. That is a great gift, as all panicked we were thankful for communication.

We were only delayed on the island one extra day, once again we made the most of the gift of time. We laughed, inquired with locals how they were doing, because resort life is always fabulous compared to what locals have to deal with to make life wonderful.

I hope I still have many of you, this is a long blog for me. I opened my luggage on birthday morning and of course my wonderful husband snuck a card and gift in, as if the trip was not enough. One of the many gifts he spoiled me with this “birthday month”, was dance lessons.

Last night we began dance lessons, another first. We LOVED it, what better way to be in each others arms with out distractions, gazing in to one another’s eyes, laughing and loving! We are fortunate for our closeness, our connection and our love but this still raised the bar. I recommend to all couples, a date night of dressing up and dancing is a fantastic aphrodisiac!

We look forward to continuing our “firsts” and hope you do the same. Live, love, laugh and please repeat all day long. Create your love story, don’t follow someone else’s dream, they are not one size fit all.


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