Children, Great & Grand

The order of which children are named makes me better comprehend the gifts of the ages. As parents we are so excited and in awe of the birth of our children.

We hear from our parents the joy of being a Grandparent, the wonder and love of a grandchild!!

Then you take it to the next level of greatness to be a Great-GrandParent to have the honor and privilege to have a great-grandchild.

We have yet to be blessed with grandchildren but as I watch our friends beam and try to express the love of a grandchild I can only imagine how our hearts will grow in love and pride.

Watching Parenthood this season it made me realize the love and passion that holding such a title will make you do anything for the future generations of family and to be a part of it.

I’m loving the role of mother and mother-in-law and can only imagine when the next generation blesses our family. But for now I am embracing wife and empty nester.

This weekend we celebrate all that happened because two people fell In love. The never ending story of generations before us and those to come after us.

Happy 47th Birthday to me and wishing all of my readers a great day!

Cheers from Bermuda 🍹!



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