Just you and the carry-on


So the birthday weekend rapidly approaches and as I prepare to pack, I find myself eyeing up the carry-on luggage.  We have a great relationship, no matter where we go, whether over night, weekend getaway, or for the week it is my go to bag.  I amaze myself at the overpacking ability I have with such limitations.  To my credit an oversized purse for all last minute “musts” helps as well.

It helps tremendously that we tend to travel to warmer destinations.  It is amazing how many sundresses, coverups, swimsuits and dresses you can overpack.  The key lies in the shoes, you must have shoes that can cross over to various outfits and color schemes all working together.

I am a list maker, I like to make it once, twice, perhaps thrice.  Then lay the clothes out, and just when I think I have it all together I watch my hubby pack in three seconds and one of those items will trigger a whole new direction.Life is good, no matter what I pack or think I forgot there are always many items I don’t touch.

This weekend we are looking to disconnect from all but each other.  We are still on the fence if we will opt for a data plan, if not it will be the first time I don’t speak with my children on my birthday.  I am okay with it as they are young adults and we will all connect before we take off.

I’m looking forward to a celebration away and to share the start of a new year, with my love in a new destination!



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