Unconditional Love

Unconditional love, most of us think of our love for a child, or perhaps how a pet loves you.  This past week or so I have been brain bogged to blog.  I have been thinking about what has been most prevalent in my life, on my mind and true to my heart.

As we have been enjoying the whirl wind of the empty nest and spending more time together it came to me, I have been overwhelmed lately at the unconditional love I have for my husband and he for me.  Having just two of us in the house you truly realize all the little things you do for the other just to make their day easier, brighter or to make them smile.

It is a love we have kept front and center in our lives.   When overwhelmed with life and all that it has thrown at us, it is at those moments in time, a hug, a kiss, saying I love you or an embrace has kept the connection so strong.

We are human, we like to have our individual time but we are blessed to have grown together.  We are fortunate to be on the same page on most decisions in life, big and small.  I am thankful he is my best friend.

Keep the romance alive daily, kisses are free, holding hands brings about excitement, love notes warm a heart, enjoy it all.  Dance in the rain, enjoy the sunrises and sunsets and changing a toilet paper roll or soap in the shower can be an aphrodisiac! 😉IMG_6629


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