My Birthday is on the horizon

My birthday month begins at midnight tonight!  I’m not embarrassed of my age, soon to be 47.  I don’t feel any age in particular.  I do have many fond memories of living that has gotten me to this point.  I embrace the good and the bad because without the perfect blend, I would not be me.

I celebrate the month in the sense of self celebration.  My plan is to each day do something for me, with me.  It seems easy, all my kids are grown, but I am a creature of doing for others.  I will not be self serving only, but I  will allow and encourage myself to celebrate the woman I am.

Today as I was enjoying the facilities at our health club, I was admiring the strong older woman.  The women who make my smile so broad, with their walkers, swim suits, sagging bodies, gray hair,  but more knowledge of life and filled with more laughter then most 40 year olds I know.  It made me think of how I love their pride, their age, somewhat failing bodies, their chatter makes me blush at times but mostly giggle.   As I did my hair and looked at the mirror the admiration I felt for strangers reminded me to be kinder to myself.

No worries, I’m not getting to sentimental, or so reflective that I am losing my sense of humor.  Let’s all gather round and be positive (a prayer would not hurt) that my glass remain at least HALF FULL!!! After all my friends it is birthday month.



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