It has always been the little things

Me and my better half are approaching 24 years of marriage and 26 years together.  This is the year when my being his wife has me holding his last name longer then the one I was given at birth.   It seems small, trivial, to some, but to me it is always the little things that end up making the most difference in our lives.

When I reflect and I hope it goes for most who read this, life is so much about the little things, all those little moments make the big moments so amazing!  They are the steps up the big ladder, the ones that lead you to achieving your dreams!

Sometimes I ponder my worth being a stay at home mom/wife, which to me means I’m usually never at home and often on the run to do “the little things”.  In the larger picture I am the oil to the gears.  It is a job that I am blessed to hold, our finances have allowed it, early on it was tight but something we thought well worth the sacrifice.    The “little things” at that time were our precious children, as time elapsed and the wide range from first born to last it proved easier to have me on the home front.  As we aged and our family grew, it has allowed us to assist in the lives of our aging parents.  Mine have passed on but we are blessed to have my in-laws, they are  even more fortunate to have had a large family, so we are fortunate to have a “village” to assist in care.

Today I purchased a pair of silk jammie bottoms, a “little item” but made me remember my moms time in Hospice.  It was short, bittersweet, but we rallied as a family, gave her our all and all the “little things” we could to make her final time one earth comfortable.

So today when I ran in to a HS friend in line at Target and we shared some moments of our lives, she was off to back to school night and we have all our babies off in the world, it is always the “little things” that bring great pleasure to all we come in contact with daily.

I hope tonight when you lie your head down, you can smile at the some of the “little things” you did today, plan on doing tomorrow, that those acts will make the greatest impact on others!


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