The best present is their presence

The holidays are rapidly approaching. We are all gathering in Texas for Thanksgiving with our middle child hosting the family. She is excited as are we to spend time together and take on Dallas with the family. We have made some great plans starting with a visit to the AT&T stadium in Dallas. Three of us are Giants fans, two are Cowboys and two Eagles, so needless to say excitement and fun will be our kickoff!

We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving not around the table but together, to be truly Thankful for each other. It gives true sentiment to the holiday itself. I will be so thankful just to be anywhere with the whole family.

The pressure has been felt with Christmas on the horizon. Since we have been married we have always “owned” Christmas, in the sense we have always had family over on Christmas Eve and always have been together on Christmas Day. This year seemed it would be a struggle to have vacation time granted for our daughter in law and our daughter, college kiddo will be home for five weeks.

We got two wonderful calls this week, our daughter in law’s vacation was approved and they will arrive on Christmas Day! Last night middle child called to say she would be home, with her BF and new puppy a few days before Christmas but have to leave Christmas night.

Just like that our Christmas wish was fulfilled. We will have our family home for Christmas and our greatest present will be their presence!


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