Savoring the Moment

Another weekend has come to pass, filled with outings, catching up with friends and always trying to staying connected with the kids.    This weekend one of our children sent us a text, thanking us for our love, guidance, support and to remind us how much they love us.

This had me thinking that it felt like Mother’s Day, not the one created with all the pressures of the perfect day, gifts, meals and cards.  The actual moment all you invest as a parent daily and a few simple words make it an over the top moment.

Once again reminded how important it is to savor the moment.  Yes enjoy the memories, make plans for the future but don’t miss the moment.  As our children grow, and their lives take on new roles, we are coming to realize that those little moments when they were all under one roof are wonderful memories and as we move ahead we will embrace each and every moment as we are all running in different directions.

So today as you head out in to the world remember to smell the roses, enjoy the sunrise and sunsets and embrace all the little moments.  Life is ever-changing enjoy and embrace it all!


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