Lowering Expectations

The latest in our society has schools banishing homework. I just don’t get why we want to expect less from our children. I am not a fan of excessive mindless homework but learning time management and prioritization are keys for life.

Having raised three kids who were involved in numerous extracurricular activities outside of school as well as in school clubs. Their first responsibility was their homework, education first. Too many parents write excuses for their kids because they had games etc., how will this help them as adults?

I would love to see schools keep physical-ed in the curriculum, apply healthy eating logs and skills to health classes. Perhaps if we can integrate learning between school and society we will advance our children’s desire to learn. Encourage discussion on news what is going on in this world and how it is a reflection of what has happened in the past.

We are worried kids are tired, that they are not getting enough sleep, well I remember watching Little House on the Prairie and they seemed tired as well doing homework candle side after chores on the farm.

I love to spoil my children but not setting expectations for them is bad for society as well as home life.

That is my rant for today, now go play, hug your babies, check their homework even if you have to fake that you understand that math equation! 😏


4 thoughts on “Lowering Expectations”

  1. My children actually go to a school that has a “No Homework” policy. They send optional work and suggested activities and require that the kids spend at least 20 minutes reading but don’t assign any homework. According to the founder of the school, studies show that homework bears no relationship to a student’s actual performance in school and can actually cause children to develop negative feelings about school. At the school my boys go to, the day is very rigorous, and they do a lot of complex and exciting work. (They also get 90 minutes of exercise every day.) The principal says that the most important thing for them is to get some down time and a good night’s sleep. I have been really pleased with all of the learning and intellectual curiosity that the school engenders and glad to miss out on the power struggle that so many of my friends go through forcing kids to complete homework assignments every day. Just a different perspective. Thanks for opening up this dialogue.

    1. That sounds like they are at a great school. I find so many teachers give meaningless homework and look forward to cross curriculum ~ they fact they get exercise is great as well. That is the first to go in many schools. Great news for your children and our future

      1. Meaningless assignments are a big reason that homework can be so ineffective. It is a good school. PS 770, the New American Academy, in Brooklyn.

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