Small steps for man kind One Giant step for me!

So I love adventure, but prefer it with my husband or my kids. I’m not one to set out in to the world alone to often. This week as life would have it, my Aunt has passed away and my husband has been on the road with business, so it left me to be to represent the family for her viewing.

Yesterday, I set out to drive to PA and stay in a hotel overnight as not to be late for todays viewing as well as not to be on the road for 5+ hours of driving in one day.

I booked the hotel, yes all by myself and checked in. The drive was long but uneventful, thankfully. I checked in, then my inner kid came out and jumped up and down on the bed (sorry Courtyard Marriott). I spent some time unpacking and then did a really big thing …… for me. I went down to the bar ordered some dinner, had a glass of wine, watched the pre-game kickoff of NFL season and engaged in light conversation! I did not use the comfort of my smart phone to engage in social media to make me look busy. I interacted, chatted and had a pleasant evening.

This morning, inspired by my husband who runs everywhere we travel, I laced up my kicks and took to the local roads. I didn’t go far, but my target heart-rate was beating by getting out of my comfort zone. It made me once again admire my Aunt who has been widowed for many years and having had accomplished so much in this world setting forth alone. It seems a fitting tribute that I made this journey by myself.

Let us get one thing straight, I am not about to pump gas! I overcame a lot on this trip and have enough gas in the tank to get me across state lines because we all know Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas!


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