The Unofficial Start of Fall

UnknownWell hello September!  You have joined as we say good-bye to Summer on this Labor Day Weekend.  It is the unofficial kickoff to Fall,  the season which gets many of us back on a more scheduled life.

Last night as we returned from dropping our youngest back to college on her 18th birthday it had us reflecting on the changes this year has brought us.

We celebrated our sons wedding, now blessed with a daughter in law we love.  We were amazed as our 20 year old daughter finished her four years of college in two, while working and set her sights on the Lone Star State.  She secured a job and is living on her own, in a few days we celebrate her 21st!  Do you see a trend, one old enough to vote, the other to buy a drink .  Then it’s hard to believe our son will turn 30 this December, saying good-bye to his twenties.  We have just gotten our feet wet as empty nesters and it has been a fun start.

So don’t say good-bye to Summer, say hello to September and embrace the day, the month, the changes and celebrate every moment this crazy life brings us!


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