My Birthday is on the horizon

My birthday month begins at midnight tonight!  I’m not embarrassed of my age, soon to be 47.  I don’t feel any age in particular.  I do have many fond memories of living that has gotten me to this point.  I embrace the good and the bad because without the perfect blend, I would not be me.

I celebrate the month in the sense of self celebration.  My plan is to each day do something for me, with me.  It seems easy, all my kids are grown, but I am a creature of doing for others.  I will not be self serving only, but I  will allow and encourage myself to celebrate the woman I am.

Today as I was enjoying the facilities at our health club, I was admiring the strong older woman.  The women who make my smile so broad, with their walkers, swim suits, sagging bodies, gray hair,  but more knowledge of life and filled with more laughter then most 40 year olds I know.  It made me think of how I love their pride, their age, somewhat failing bodies, their chatter makes me blush at times but mostly giggle.   As I did my hair and looked at the mirror the admiration I felt for strangers reminded me to be kinder to myself.

No worries, I’m not getting to sentimental, or so reflective that I am losing my sense of humor.  Let’s all gather round and be positive (a prayer would not hurt) that my glass remain at least HALF FULL!!! After all my friends it is birthday month.



It has always been the little things

Me and my better half are approaching 24 years of marriage and 26 years together.  This is the year when my being his wife has me holding his last name longer then the one I was given at birth.   It seems small, trivial, to some, but to me it is always the little things that end up making the most difference in our lives.

When I reflect and I hope it goes for most who read this, life is so much about the little things, all those little moments make the big moments so amazing!  They are the steps up the big ladder, the ones that lead you to achieving your dreams!

Sometimes I ponder my worth being a stay at home mom/wife, which to me means I’m usually never at home and often on the run to do “the little things”.  In the larger picture I am the oil to the gears.  It is a job that I am blessed to hold, our finances have allowed it, early on it was tight but something we thought well worth the sacrifice.    The “little things” at that time were our precious children, as time elapsed and the wide range from first born to last it proved easier to have me on the home front.  As we aged and our family grew, it has allowed us to assist in the lives of our aging parents.  Mine have passed on but we are blessed to have my in-laws, they are  even more fortunate to have had a large family, so we are fortunate to have a “village” to assist in care.

Today I purchased a pair of silk jammie bottoms, a “little item” but made me remember my moms time in Hospice.  It was short, bittersweet, but we rallied as a family, gave her our all and all the “little things” we could to make her final time one earth comfortable.

So today when I ran in to a HS friend in line at Target and we shared some moments of our lives, she was off to back to school night and we have all our babies off in the world, it is always the “little things” that bring great pleasure to all we come in contact with daily.

I hope tonight when you lie your head down, you can smile at the some of the “little things” you did today, plan on doing tomorrow, that those acts will make the greatest impact on others!

The best present is their presence

The holidays are rapidly approaching. We are all gathering in Texas for Thanksgiving with our middle child hosting the family. She is excited as are we to spend time together and take on Dallas with the family. We have made some great plans starting with a visit to the AT&T stadium in Dallas. Three of us are Giants fans, two are Cowboys and two Eagles, so needless to say excitement and fun will be our kickoff!

We look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving not around the table but together, to be truly Thankful for each other. It gives true sentiment to the holiday itself. I will be so thankful just to be anywhere with the whole family.

The pressure has been felt with Christmas on the horizon. Since we have been married we have always “owned” Christmas, in the sense we have always had family over on Christmas Eve and always have been together on Christmas Day. This year seemed it would be a struggle to have vacation time granted for our daughter in law and our daughter, college kiddo will be home for five weeks.

We got two wonderful calls this week, our daughter in law’s vacation was approved and they will arrive on Christmas Day! Last night middle child called to say she would be home, with her BF and new puppy a few days before Christmas but have to leave Christmas night.

Just like that our Christmas wish was fulfilled. We will have our family home for Christmas and our greatest present will be their presence!

Savoring the Moment

Another weekend has come to pass, filled with outings, catching up with friends and always trying to staying connected with the kids.    This weekend one of our children sent us a text, thanking us for our love, guidance, support and to remind us how much they love us.

This had me thinking that it felt like Mother’s Day, not the one created with all the pressures of the perfect day, gifts, meals and cards.  The actual moment all you invest as a parent daily and a few simple words make it an over the top moment.

Once again reminded how important it is to savor the moment.  Yes enjoy the memories, make plans for the future but don’t miss the moment.  As our children grow, and their lives take on new roles, we are coming to realize that those little moments when they were all under one roof are wonderful memories and as we move ahead we will embrace each and every moment as we are all running in different directions.

So today as you head out in to the world remember to smell the roses, enjoy the sunrise and sunsets and embrace all the little moments.  Life is ever-changing enjoy and embrace it all!

Lowering Expectations

The latest in our society has schools banishing homework. I just don’t get why we want to expect less from our children. I am not a fan of excessive mindless homework but learning time management and prioritization are keys for life.

Having raised three kids who were involved in numerous extracurricular activities outside of school as well as in school clubs. Their first responsibility was their homework, education first. Too many parents write excuses for their kids because they had games etc., how will this help them as adults?

I would love to see schools keep physical-ed in the curriculum, apply healthy eating logs and skills to health classes. Perhaps if we can integrate learning between school and society we will advance our children’s desire to learn. Encourage discussion on news what is going on in this world and how it is a reflection of what has happened in the past.

We are worried kids are tired, that they are not getting enough sleep, well I remember watching Little House on the Prairie and they seemed tired as well doing homework candle side after chores on the farm.

I love to spoil my children but not setting expectations for them is bad for society as well as home life.

That is my rant for today, now go play, hug your babies, check their homework even if you have to fake that you understand that math equation! 😏

Small steps for man kind One Giant step for me!

So I love adventure, but prefer it with my husband or my kids. I’m not one to set out in to the world alone to often. This week as life would have it, my Aunt has passed away and my husband has been on the road with business, so it left me to be to represent the family for her viewing.

Yesterday, I set out to drive to PA and stay in a hotel overnight as not to be late for todays viewing as well as not to be on the road for 5+ hours of driving in one day.

I booked the hotel, yes all by myself and checked in. The drive was long but uneventful, thankfully. I checked in, then my inner kid came out and jumped up and down on the bed (sorry Courtyard Marriott). I spent some time unpacking and then did a really big thing …… for me. I went down to the bar ordered some dinner, had a glass of wine, watched the pre-game kickoff of NFL season and engaged in light conversation! I did not use the comfort of my smart phone to engage in social media to make me look busy. I interacted, chatted and had a pleasant evening.

This morning, inspired by my husband who runs everywhere we travel, I laced up my kicks and took to the local roads. I didn’t go far, but my target heart-rate was beating by getting out of my comfort zone. It made me once again admire my Aunt who has been widowed for many years and having had accomplished so much in this world setting forth alone. It seems a fitting tribute that I made this journey by myself.

Let us get one thing straight, I am not about to pump gas! I overcame a lot on this trip and have enough gas in the tank to get me across state lines because we all know Jersey Girls Don’t Pump Gas!

Becoming an Orphan

When the term “Orphan” is used most people think of babies born without a family, or a home.  Perhaps the commercials come to mind how for a few cents a day you can change a child’s life.

The flip side to that is when you are an adult and you have had to bury your parents.  It is the normal circle of life, for parents who have buried their children I can not fathom the pain.

If you are blessed to still have your parents it is hard to imagine the loss you will feel when they are no longer with you on this Earth.  I have great faith and believe my parents are in Heaven with God the Father.

I’m talking about the loss, when you go to pick up a phone to share a story or just to hear their voice, seeking advice and or comfort.  It is the time when you realize most the value of them in your life.  We all get busy and struggle with the aging of our parents and the toll it takes to care for them.

As we lay to rest another member of our family, it saddens me most for my cousins, for they will now join me and my siblings as adult orphans.

We will celebrate her life, be thankful for our faith and knowing she is at peace.  My prayers will go beyond that they feel the peace in their hearts, days, months and years from now.

My optimistic side now asks if your parents are alive, give them a call, tell them you love them and embrace the crazy they sometimes inflict upon you as an adult.  Remember they raised you and they could probably share some stories that would make you blush for days!