The Nest is Empty

It has been a week since we started the journey of dropping our youngest off to college.  We successfully unloaded the car with the assistance of seven volunteers and she set up her dorm as she envisioned.  It was fun to watch all the Freshmen arrive, check in and the parents who joined them.

The biggest shock is I didn’t shed a tear, the week prior I was weepy , ok crying like a baby.  It was great to feel the peacefulness of her being ok .

In true spirit of embracing our empty nest, we left the  University and headed for the airport!  We went to Boston for a quick 40 hours, two games at Fenway, explored parts of Boston we had yet to see and did the Harvard Steps.  The trip was fun and we laughed a lot and we enjoyed all our firsts as empty nesters.

The house does not feel quiet to us, we have been so busy we have yet to truly embrace being home alone!  We are saying yes to more, making travel plans without worry who will be left home alone, and as a family we are embracing another milestone!



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