College move in countdown is on….

The count down is on, our youngest moves in to her dorm Friday morning. I had my breakdown last Wednesday, mostly tears of joy, pride and hard to believe how fast it all went. I cried thinking of how proud my parents would be of all my children, my husband, our life as a family and as a couple. I cried tears of excitement as to what is on the horizon for us “Empty Nesters”. I guess I cried so much my wonderful hubby booked us a flight out of dodge, so once we set her up in her dorm we hit the airport for our first official Empty Nester getaway!

This week I think is harder on the youngest, good-bye’s to friends and her best friend the realization she will be apart from them. She is overwhelmed with excitement to set up her dorm and enjoy suite life with three new friends. She has done most of the shopping, packing, planning and I am so proud. This evening she fell asleep on the couch, to me she looks like the toddler who always cuddled up, but I see the young lady who is ready to embrace college life and all that it has to offer.

I’m certain I will shed a tear (or a bunch on Friday) but racing to the airport is a great start to the first time in our married life we will not have children living at home. I will be a mom until the day I die, but after 29 years of children living at home I too am eager to embrace all life has to offer.

I look forward to the whole gang together for Thanksgiving, the newlyweds, us, the youngest will all embark to Dallas to hang with the middle child who we do not see enough of. We will spend Thanksgiving at the Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia Eagles game, sight seeing, and many photos will be taken so this silly momma can create a Christmas Card. Let’s slow down……. I have an exciting Empty Nester weekend ahead of me 😉

The youngest and our senior chocolate lab ~ napping
The youngest and our senior chocolate lab ~ napping

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