My thoughts on Heaven

Last night I watched the movie, Heaven is for real, based on the true story of Colton Burpo, the four year old boy who visited heaven during surgery.

When my mom was dying I had told her I hope she would be able to peak down and see us on occasion as milestones in the family were happening, etc. She held my hands and said that would not be heaven, to be able to see those she loved in pain, or suffering would not be heaven. To see happy events and to miss the physical beings would be heartbreaking. She promised I would always feel her love, receive signs that she is with us. At the time it seemed cruel but it is true. Everyones heaven is a little different, it is their paradise, pain free, filled with love, light, the Lord and Angels.

The movie is simple and straight forward but really hitting home on your faith and beliefs. I believe in God, heaven, hell, and all that my catholic faith has taught me. I have grown to have more faith in my beliefs the older I get. During this film the father also a Reverend realizes he has been preaching, teaching and praying but never quite grasping it all.

I have lost both my parents from this earth and have comfort of their eternal peace in heaven. This is not to say losing them was painless, or that I don’t think of them daily. My human self misses them some days so much it hurts, my faithful self finds peace in an eternity in the kingdom of heaven.

My wish for all is that whatever your faith is that you have faith ~ Peace and Blessings.


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